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Steampunk LEGO A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

| 30. September 2014

It has been a very long time since I have been this excited about an upcoming book, but this one deserves all the excitement I can muster: Steampunk LEGO – A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO Yes, the excellent scribes, researchers and scholars at No Starch Press are releasing a book with all […]

Excellent Dieselpunk Comic – RumRow

| 27. September 2014

Another thing that came in through the ætherbox, and what an exciting thing it is: A comic, soon to be available in print, that no Dieselpunk worth their weight in fuel should miss. Set in an alternate version of our 1930s, it features wonderfully weird and Art-Deco-esque airships and fighter planes, dashing protagonists of both […]

Shatter Me: Lzzy Hale, Lindsey Stirling and some Steampunk

| 22. September 2014

Another manifestation of Steampunk in music, this time with dubstep violin and a higher budget than the music videos I usually present here:   I dare say, Lindsey Stirling does not need introduction, Lzzy Hale can be found here.

The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing – Kicking Cancer’s butt!

| 15. September 2014

It rarely happens that I am so happy to announce an upcoming concert. Great Britain’s most famous Steampunk band (with a heavy stress on Punk) The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing return after vocalist Andy Heintz is making a recovery from throat cancer. Here are the details:   THE MEN THAT WILL NOT […]

Keep from falling!

| 12. September 2014

Tome Wilson, an icon of the Dieselpunk community and head behind the famed website and community needs our help! Since its beginning in 2009 has grown into one of the biggest and liveliest ætherweb abodes of our scene, this has also led to its associated costs have increased drastically. It has gotten to […]

Love is a Grave – A Victorian Gothic Short Film

| 5. September 2014

A few days ago, I was contacted via the Facebook page and a short movie was pointed out to me: Love is a Grave Love is a Grave – a short film by Tim Stevens from Tim Stevens on Vimeo. Tim Stevens has this to say about his short subject: Love is a Grave was […]