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Steampunk High Style – Jewelry

| 28. Oktober 2014

I think it has been years since I last posted something about jewelry, so I was pleasantly surprised to have my attention pointed to Charles Koll ( who offers a range of custom high-end jewelry, some with a distinct Steampunk twist to it. Two of his creations stand out, first, the Cipher:   The Cipher: The […]

Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen

| 22. Oktober 2014

The perfect place for the cultist family dinner, or take-away, if you have been chasing those pesky investigators all evening and there is no more time to cook (for) your loved ones! Mmmmmmh! Tasty tentacle topping!

Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2014!

| 14. Oktober 2014

This is becoming a tradition on this blog, since I already mentioned it last year and the year before. Today I also have one more reason to celebrate: Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer and I am only a few steps away now from being one myself (a real, official one). So, once again, […]

Josh Kinsey Strikes Again – Geekie Awards

| 5. Oktober 2014

Wow! I think few people have been featured on this blog as often as my friend Joshua Kinsey. This is the fourth time I feature him, and this time it is two videos and a journal article. So, here is the first video in which Master Craftsman Kinsey talks about his art, a pleasure to […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #27 – Can’t stop, won’t stop!

| 3. Oktober 2014

During the past few months, I have repeatedly thought about shutting the blog and podcast down, or at least put both on an extended hiatus. This is mainly because my studies and other engagements are taking up so much time, keeping the blog up-to-date gets complicated. So far, each time I thought something along the […]