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Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

| 27. Februar 2015

It is with a heavy heart I report the death of Leonard Nimoy. A living legend has passed on. We will remember him in our hearts, our minds and our souls. is deeply saddened to report the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The legend — an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, host, voiceover artist, photographer, […]

Atompunk Friday – Gigantis is actually Godzilla

| 20. Februar 2015

What a lovely thing to find, please enjoy while it is online (no copyright infringement intended, I did not upload the video, I found it, it is public on YouTube): Gigantis – The Fire Monster Now, as you can see, Gigantis is none other than the mighty Godzilla and in Japan this is officially the […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #29 – #SteampunkHands 2015

| 12. Februar 2015

The 29th episode of the Non-Euclidean Æthercast is all about the second instalment of Airship Ambassador’s wonderful initiative Steampunk Hands around the World. This year’s topic is Steampunk: Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop and I have given my own 2 cents worth of thought to the matter. It turned into a bit of a […]

The Clockwork Rose, Britain’s first Steampunk Bar needs You!

| 10. Februar 2015

Well look at this: Bristol is getting a Steampunk-themed cocktailbar, hopefully. In order for The Clockwork Rose to actually bloom, blossom and grow, the people behind this most commendable of projects need the support of the community and have started a fundraising site, here. They describe their endeavour thusly: Jump into a fantastical past! Furnished with […]

The German Tanks of World War 1 – How Proto-Dieselpunk!

| 7. Februar 2015

Let’s face it, the British tanks of the Western Front sure dominate the mental landscape when one thinks of an iconic fighting machine of The Great War. But Great Britain was of course not the only nation to field tanks. Once their utility became apparent, Germany quickly caught up, and so did France. The first […]