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Help Victor Sierra produce their third album! Go here! Donate!

| 26. Mai 2015

My friends from Victor Sierra are at it again, meaning they are ready to produce their third album. Since I am a massive fan and have enjoyed their previous two albums and the Yultide release of 2014, of course I am supporting their latest album as well. And so should you! In the words of […]

Steamfantasy – The Dwarves of Demrel

| 20. Mai 2015

Check this out: A very dark, gritty, and slightly steampunk looking fantasy movie about three dwarves trapped in a mine. The trailer alone got me hanging to the edge of my seat. Something sinister is going on in the depth of this mountain and the dwarves have more to face than claustrophobia and possible starvation: […]

Reaver – A Lovecraftian Short Film

| 19. Mai 2015

Once again, a jewel on the ætherweb was pointed out to me via a message in my ætherbox: Reaver – A loveceraftian shortfilm about a brother and a sister being dragged into supernatural occurrences that may or may not have something to do with something their father was experimenting with. Twenty minutes of your life […]

Bollywood Steampunk: Interview with Ariel Dixon

| 7. Mai 2015

Last year, a photo of a lady in an indian/bollywood Steampunk cosplay costume made a significant splash in the scene: I had plans to find the lady in the picture for a long time and ask her for an interview, but this endeavour dropped to the back of my mind for a while. It was […]

Steampunk in the Highlands – The Belladrum Festival

| 4. Mai 2015

Steampunk is spreading and I am always so happy when I get a message from someone outside the well-known centers of Steampunk-activity. This time, the æthermail reached me from Inverness-shire (Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Inbhir Nis) in the Highlands of Scotland! The Belladrum Festival has an ever-growing number of Steampunks participating and so the organisers reached […]

Reaching Out – A Steampunk/Cthulhu Short Story

| 3. Mai 2015

I have had a bit of a writing frenzy lately. One of the results was Bird Song (see below). I am also working on a cyberpunk and a modern-day Cthulhu short story (both in German). Additionally, I remembered I still had a Cthulhu/Steampunk crossover story in one of my drawers, or rather folders on my […]