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Steampunk from Asia Part I – James Ng strikes again

| 14. September 2015

Today’s post is part one of two concerning Steampunk out of Asia. If you have been following my blog for a while, you are familiar with James Ng, I have featured his work on a number of occasions before and I recommend you visit his website and follow him on Twitter. If you have not […]

Steampunk Coca Cola

| 26. Juni 2015

If anybody still had any doubt that Steampunk was not yet firmly entrenched in the cultural mainstream, I present Exhibit A: The Steampunk Coca Cola spot: Coca Cola | Steampunk Coke (DC) from Max Tsui on Vimeo. Full credits for this little jewel can be found here: Even better, my friend, the right honourable […]

Postapocalyptic Steampunk Arthouse Project

| 19. Juni 2015

This is another gem that came in through the ætherbox. Olive Long after the last great cities have crumbled, Eugene is the last botanist on the planet, in fact he may very well be the last of our ill-fated species. Trapped indoors by an endless winter storm since he was a child, Eugene has but […]

How to Draw Steampunk Characters

| 8. Dezember 2014

I really have no time for proper updates recently, sorry about that. So, I am going to share something artistic with added value now: How to draw Steampunk characters, a really nicely done tutorial:

Josh Kinsey Strikes Again – Geekie Awards

| 5. Oktober 2014

Wow! I think few people have been featured on this blog as often as my friend Joshua Kinsey. This is the fourth time I feature him, and this time it is two videos and a journal article. So, here is the first video in which Master Craftsman Kinsey talks about his art, a pleasure to […]

Steampunk LEGO A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

| 30. September 2014

It has been a very long time since I have been this excited about an upcoming book, but this one deserves all the excitement I can muster: Steampunk LEGO – A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO Yes, the excellent scribes, researchers and scholars at No Starch Press are releasing a book with all […]

Reet Neet – Clockwork and Steampunk Custom Toys

| 3. Juli 2014

Today’s featured artist is from The Netherlands: Reet Neet. A few days ago, this message came into my ætherbox: Today I wanted to introduce to you my latest designer toy custom. His name is Professor Archimedes and is based on a 3.5″ Omen Blink by Coarse Toys. More info & pics are found here: This piece is […]

Share this with your Steampunk Sweatheart and Friends

| 1. Juli 2014

My friend, the honourable gentleman and artist Georgie Retzer strikes again! He has created this adorable little image which you should all share with your sweetheart in the Steampunk scene! Come to think of it: You can share this with everybody you care for and who is a friend in and/or of the scene. After […]

Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

| 17. Juni 2014

This has been making the rounds on social media already, but one of my oldest friends in the steampunk scene is a victim of art-theft here, so I do my part to spread the word. An app developer apparently tries to cash in on Steampunk’s popularity and has developed some Steampunk-themed game which they have […]

Steampunk Odin – Why is there an affinity for Norse Gods and Steampunk?

| 6. Mai 2014

First, the picture: This is, according to the artist 3dsquid, a Steampunk version of Odin, he is from the Philippines, so I will not scold him for missing a crucial ocular detail here… Now, there seems to be a certain tendency to steampunk-up Norse gods, I have previously (in 2009, oh my gods…) posted an […]