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The Convair XFY-1 Pogo – Wonderfully Weird and Atompunk!

| 16. April 2015

Let me introduce you to a wonderful little craft from the dawn of the Atompunk Age and the Cold War, the Convair XY-1 Pogo: The Convyair XFY-1 is another of those fantastic designs which emerged just after the end of the Second Word War and the beginning of the Cold War. An experimental aircraft, if […]

Atompunk Friday – Gigantis is actually Godzilla

| 20. Februar 2015

What a lovely thing to find, please enjoy while it is online (no copyright infringement intended, I did not upload the video, I found it, it is public on YouTube): Gigantis – The Fire Monster Now, as you can see, Gigantis is none other than the mighty Godzilla and in Japan this is officially the […]

Iron Sky The Coming Race – Teaser #1 (Official)

| 7. November 2014

It has run the course of the usual channels already, but it would be highly dishonourable not to share this wonderful trailer here as well: And to be honest, if Iron Sky – The Coming Race is actually a well-disguised documentary, it would explain an awful lot! Also, the faster we raise funds for this […]

Atompunk: Space Race Quickie

| 10. Juni 2014

Almost three and a half minutes of high-density greatness, the best parts of the Space Race from Leica all the way to Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, sit back and enjoy! And while I am at it: May I point your attention to the most excellent Youtube Channel British Pathé, which also brought you […]

The Giant Claw – So bad a b-movie, it is great!

| 9. Mai 2014

The 1950’s were the golden age of sci-fi b-movies; movies bad even by the standards of 1950’s special effects. One shining and rather endearing and quaint example of this is The Giant Claw, enjoy with a massive dose of humour and a bag of crisps: The Giant Claw    

First hand historic information

| 20. September 2013

As some of you have undoubtably noticed, I have a thing for history, especially the time of the Dieselpunk and Atompunk epochs (i.e. both World Wars and the Space Race). Luckily for me, this time is very well documented and you can do a lot of research online. However, I am one of those weird […]

Three Cheers for Valentina Tereshkova

| 16. Juni 2013

Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union put the first woman into space: Valentina Tereshkova. Back then, the USSR was still ahead in the Space Race. Right now, Russia is ahead once more, mostly because the USA does not have a manned space program. A fact I mourn every day. I digress… Today, we raise our […]

Featured website, film and project: The Cosmonaut

| 12. Mai 2013

Let me point your attention to this amazing project: The Cosmonaut (   The Cosmonaut is a crowd-funded project, four years in the making. What sets it apart: It is completely CC. Once you get your hands on the material, you can use it for your own purposes. Here’s what the people behind it, Riot […]

Prerelease Review: The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher

| 10. März 2013

I have been looking forward to reading The Age Atomic, ever since it was announced. After enjoying Empire State immensely, I was itching for the sequel, and this is what I found when I finally got it: The Age Atomic is set a number of years after Empire State, in 1954, but in the Empire […]

Restored Me-262 in flight

| 25. Februar 2013

Footage of a restored Me-262 Schwalbe taking off on a 30-minutes flight to a nearby airbase. Pure bliss!