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Transnational Steampunk Shoutout

| 3. Juli 2011

Just a quick thing this evening. I had a bedroom to rearrange and twor Ikea wardrobes to put up (curses, curses) so I did not really have the time to get any decent blogging done and right now I am too tired… So instead, I just pass a fun piece of artwork along. It was […]

More sites I visit, including more by Kevin Mowrer

| 29. Dezember 2010

The ætherweb is  big place and noone can really keep track of all the wonderful Steampunk related material that is out there. Taking this into account, I once again share a few sites with you I more or less frequently visit. Less frequently is becoming the norm since I am too occupied with other things […]

Steampunk Cakes

| 7. November 2010

For this article, I have to thank my friend Sarah. She pointed the blog Cake Wrecks to me. Their featured type of cake today are Steampunk themed cakes. Wedding cakes, to be precise. And what marvels Jen presents in the article, such as this one: This particular cake is by Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat […]

The Network

| 9. September 2010

A few days ago I received an email by my friend Luftschiffharry who keeps me informed on Zeppelins and also donates the odd historical photograph. He informed me about a very nice detail concerning the Zeppelin crew photo I used in  Hobbies and Jobs for Steampunks (three posts down). The Zeppelin crew belongs to Marineluftschiff […]

Recommended Blog: Eclectic Ephemera

| 29. August 2010

Once more I want to direct you, my dear readers, towards another fellow blogger whose work I find of particular interest. This time it is Eclectic Ephemera, as the name suggests, it is a rather eclectic collection of ephemeral things. But: There is a definite trend apparent in all the things on Eclectic Ephemera and […]