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BULLET GAL #8 – Pulp/Noir/Dieselpunk Episodical Graphic Novel

| 14. Januar 2015

Some more very welcome news from one of my favourite authors (and friend) Andrez Bergen: FEBRUARY 2015 – IF? COMMIX WORDS & PICTURES BY ANDREZ BERGEN After our outside-the-box events last issue, which truly set the scene and explained much behind the whole concept of life in Heropa, things get back to relative normality. Meaning a […]

Bullet Gal by Andrez Bergen – Your support here, please!

| 30. November 2014

My friend and author extraordinaire Andrez has a new graphic novel ready to go, Bullet Girl, which needs your help to get on the road. Bullet Gal The first thing you need to know about Bullet Gal is that it’s a loving homage to hardboiled noir — the detective fiction and pulp produced in the […]

Excellent Dieselpunk Comic – RumRow

| 27. September 2014

Another thing that came in through the ætherbox, and what an exciting thing it is: A comic, soon to be available in print, that no Dieselpunk worth their weight in fuel should miss. Set in an alternate version of our 1930s, it features wonderfully weird and Art-Deco-esque airships and fighter planes, dashing protagonists of both […]

This Constantine Trailer for the NBC Mini-Series looks EPIC!

| 12. Mai 2014

I have been a fan of DC’s Hellblazer since 1998 and was sorely disappointed by the Constantine movie featuring Keanu Reeves. Although I have nothing to complain concerning the acting, the plot of the effects of the movie, the whole feel was not what I expected a Hellblazer movie to be like. Constantine was too […]

Review: The Violent Century by Lavie Tidhar

| 3. März 2014

The Violent Century is yet another tale with which Lavie Tidhar demonstrates his superb skills as a storyteller. The Violent Century reads like a Silver Age superhero comic. Every scene in the book is like a page in a comic, the whole novel feels like a comic book but yet is so much more. Anyway, […]

Help fund Accurate Comics Online

| 22. Mai 2013

I have been a comic collector for the past 18 years now, starting with Gen 13 and The X-Files and later collecting Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in its entirety. So now it is with great pleasure I present the following fundraiser to you: My friend Louis Shosty (of Space: 1889 and Beyond fame and others, I […]

Sci-Fi Web Series Dirigible Days Announces Comic Book Sequel

| 27. April 2013

Sorry, people, I am a bit late (this came in over a week ago) but you know how it is sometimes… Anyway, it is with great pleasure, I point your attention to the following announcement:   St. Louis, April 19, 2013 – Day 304 Productions is developing a comic book sequel to their award-winning steampunk […]

Fight alongside Batman! Do it!

| 16. April 2013

I guess I am not the only one here who dreamt of fighting along one superhero or another. Well, as it turns out, we all have the chance to join Batman’s team in a fight for a better world. As of today, I have joined the team and I urge every single one of you […]

Nyarlathotep just added some Spice

| 12. Mai 2012

I just love The Unspeakable Vault (OF DOOM). Mythos fun at its ultimate, entropic, mind-rending best.

Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman – Title Sequence Video

| 30. April 2012

Found this beautiful short video a while back. It is a really happy little intro to one of my favourite books by two of my favourite authors. Since it is a really wonderful sunny day right here and right now, I thought I just share the happiness: Good Omens “Book Title” Sequence (Version 1) from […]