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Would you like your own Mech?

| 10. November 2012

Why do I ask, you ask? Well… I wonder if they will ever be mass-produced. Perhaps they should not, though. You never know what weirdos ed up driving them. There is enough road rage as it is, without additional firepower.

A true AI – Just a matter of Time

| 5. November 2012

This is something you hardly get on the news, watch the video and be surprised what computers are capable of doing already! It is only a matter of time until we manage to build a true AI, I cannot say when, I am not knowledgable enough to make an educated guess. I do not expect […]

A disturbing glimpse into a more cyberpunk future

| 23. August 2012

Like it or not, I think an encounter like the one below is not so unrealistic as some would like or hope. I guess the short film hits the nail on the head: A stalker/player of this kind could easily be a reality once Google Goggles go through several iterations:

Cyberpunk Armorers

| 15. August 2012

My friend Dag of SteamheArt fame has pointed my eye towards a most amazing armory workshop on the ætherweb: Nightmare Armor Studios The word “impressive” does not suffice at all. What they have on display on their site is hands down the most mind-boggling selection of sci-fi/cyberpunk armor suits I have ever seen on the […]

Happy Birthday Alan Turing!

| 23. Juni 2012

Science Holiday! Today, Alan Turing, would have celebrated his 100th birthday. He is one of the fathers of the modern age, due to his contributions to the then emerging field of computer science.     Also, the Turing-test, a method to determine the ability of a computer to think like a human was first suggested […]

How to survive a Robot Uprising

| 9. Mai 2012

Let us presume for a minute, the evil plans of my good friend Captain Serenus have finally been turned into action and he has unleashed his robot army upon the world. Than he gets betrayed by his loyal intern, whom I will not name because her well-being could be endangered. But alas, Leonie’s plan (uuups, […]

Plans for asteroid mining emerge

| 24. April 2012

The future has just become more Steampunk and Cyberpunk at the same time. Various billionaire entrepreneurs have come up with plans to go and mine asteroids. This is fabulous. This is so Space Opera/Mad Scientist pulp coming true. Read for yourselves:

Extract Your DNA

| 11. März 2012

Need to make a clone of yourself? Want to manipulate your DNA to create minions? No problem! This short video tells you how to extract DNA:

Google goes slightly Steampunk

| 7. März 2012

Well…     Nice video, but do you really want to give Google more and more of your data? Google Play sounds like a cool concept, but this is also just another way for Google to track where you are, when you are where and so on.

An old US admiral explains what a Nanosecond is

| 28. Februar 2012

In our computerized age, the nanosecond is quite an important increment of time. One billionth of a second. But what does it mean? What exactly is a nanosecond, how can you wrap your mind around the concept? Well, this is where the late Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992) […]