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Product Review – Monocle by Monocle Madness

| 2. März 2015

Already a while ago I featured Monocle Madness here, because they are a great company with a very worthy goal: Bringing back the monocle as a fashion accessory. The monocle they sent me as a product sample has since received a proper lens and I have worn it during an event last weekend, so I […]

Monocle Madness – The Return of a splendid piece of eyewear

| 30. Januar 2015

A few days ago, I perused some of my regular online news outlets and came across an article about a company from Hull (I like Hull for various reasons, now there is one more) which aim it is to make the monocle fashionable again, the company is:   I am absolutely delighted. I have worn […]

Steampunk High Style – Jewelry

| 28. Oktober 2014

I think it has been years since I last posted something about jewelry, so I was pleasantly surprised to have my attention pointed to Charles Koll ( who offers a range of custom high-end jewelry, some with a distinct Steampunk twist to it. Two of his creations stand out, first, the Cipher:   The Cipher: The […]

Steampunk Princess – The German Steampunk Courture

| 27. November 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, may I point your attention to a young lady from Hamburg who has only recently started her own line of Steampunk fashion, Steampunk Princess: At this moment in time, Steampunk Princess offers a small but superb selection of dresses and accessories for the discerning Steampunk lady. There are also plans for introducing […]

A note on Steampunk accessories

| 31. Oktober 2013

It just occurred to me, I have not done a fashion-related article in a while, so I thought I write a little something about the fashion accessory most popularly connected to the Steampunk scene: Goggles. Personally, I have a most splendid source of hand-crafted goggles and to be more specific, steampunk monocles. My friend Mattia […]

Compass Steampunk Fashion Evening in London

| 8. August 2013

Can you make it to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham rather easily? Are you interested in Steampunk? If the answer to both questions ins yes, then I have an event which could be of some interest to you: The 1st Compass Steampunk Fashion Evening! One night of tantalizing acts. The Compass Steampunk Fashion […]

Hats are back in style

| 29. März 2013

And if CNN says it, it must be true!

Alima Qaniss – Scientist and Pilot for Hire

| 14. Februar 2013

Another character joins the ranks of Steampunk India – Alima Qaniss, accomplished scientist turned pilot-for-hire:   According to Steampunk India, a story centred on this character is coming up, I am looking forward to reading it. In case you wonder who the stunning lady is (I know you do), her name is Ravina Rapture and […]

Steampunk Fashion Raffle

| 3. Oktober 2012

My friend Anda is raffling some of her unique designs and you could be the lucky recipient. All you have to do is participate! a Rafflecopter giveaway

An auction for the European Steampunk Convention

| 4. August 2012

As noted earlier, the wonderful people from The Golden Gear have donated two outfits for an auction for the benefit of the European Steampunk Convention. The first auction, for the lady’s dress is now online. This is the dress: This link also leads to the auction. I personally vouch for the quality of this dress, […]