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Sol Katmandu Park & Resort – Steampunk on Mallorca

| 19. Dezember 2013

I know this blog post sounds like something of an advert, it actually is not, I simply want to point your attention to a rather unusual Steampunk location: A resort hotel and amusement park on Mallorca, Club Katmandu. I have been in touch with a few people working there for a while now, because they […]

My Son’s Steampunk Artwork

| 22. August 2013

The other day, my son, who only recently celebrated his third birthday, came to me, handed me his magic drawing board with a little picture he had just drawn on it and declared: “This is a Steampunk!” with all the dignity and pride only a little boy can muster. This is what he handed me: […]

Learning to read – Steampunk Style!

| 16. Mai 2013

Want to get your children into Steampunk at a really early age? Why not use the Steampunk Alphabet Book: It is not only a wonderful tool for early exposure to your favourite subculture and an excellent way to teach very early learning skills, no, as you can see, it is also a beautiful work of […]

Steampunk for the Little Ones

| 16. November 2012

Explaining your favourite subculture to your children can be a daunting task. Therefor, we have to expose them as early as possible and instill the fascination we feel in them. For me, this fascination started with my encounter with a Zeppelin on TV. I must have been four or five years old at the time. […]

A secret of Silent Hill uncovered

| 4. November 2012

The feared Pyramid Head of Silent Hill has long been considered to be formed from the body of a cursed individual. More precisely, it is revealed in the storyline that certain individuals are picked by Pyramid Heads to be transformed into Pyramid Heads themselves. This, however, does not cover the beginning of the Pyramid Heads. […]

Featured Book: Steampunk Softies

| 21. Mai 2011

Steampunk is pushing into more and more areas. While crafting has long been a pillar of community activities, I have thus far encountered little regarding toys. Maybe because comparatively few of us actually have children or children who still want toys. Anyway, I hold in my hands a book which tackles exactly this thus far […]

Vintage Cars for Kids

| 15. Dezember 2010

This was truely a lucky find. I was just browsing the ætherweb in general and came across a blog which featured an article about something wonderful: A Vintage Car for Kids! The cap and goggles are actual equipment provided by the company. Yes, once again it is all about add-on selling. It is really sad, […]

Thank Gods for Military Dieselpunk Gear

| 19. Oktober 2010

Thank the Gods (especially Cthulhu) for Army Surplus stores, seriously. Most of the stuff you get there is durable and reasonably priced. With a little looking around and the right combination you can get quite the Dielsepunk look. Most of the stuff is machine-washable and dries reasonably quickly. The third point has recently become increasingly […]

The Youngest Abney Park Fan

| 27. September 2010

Well. what can I say. Like father, like son. My little son was six weeks old last Friday and already he is showing much promise in various departments. Just a few minutes ago he displayed excellent taste in music. Let me elaborate, the Little Piranha (I will tell on a different occasion how he got […]

More Steampunk Toys

| 26. August 2010

Credits to Timo once more for sending me a most interesting and very useful link. So, there is a line of toys around, called the a most splendid line of toys and assorted artwork. At the Mechtorians Emporium the toy-line and various other goodies are available and I have to say: I am most tempted […]