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Wil Wheaton plays a Steampunk Game

| 11. Dezember 2014

Watch Wil Wheaton, Alicia Day, Alan Tudyk (a.k.a. Hoban Washburne), and Jon Heder suffer through a game of Forbidden Desert, a fun, cooperative, and hellishly difficult Steampunk-themed game by Matt Leacock. I am not going to spoil anything, just watch Wil get really worked up a couple of times: Also, I guess Forbidden Desert would […]

Help a Boar become Austro-Hungarian Emperor!

| 22. November 2014

If this headline did not get your attention, you are probably dead… Anyway, may I present to you this bizarre jewel of an independent game, by Croatian game company Studio Spektar: The good people at Studio Spektar have this to say about the game world: Viktor’s cartoon world is not entirely different from our world. […]

Munchkin Steampunk is coming!

| 15. August 2014

Quick news update: The beloved Munchkin line of Games by Steve Jackson Games is getting another member: Munchkin Steampunk. For me, this is an absolute must-have, I have been playing the game for years and am especially proud of my Munchkin Cthulhu set. Iäh! Anyways, this is the cover: I guess one or the other […]

Cloud Raiders – Featured Game and Raffle

| 12. April 2014

May I point your esteemed attention to a little Android game by the name of Cloud Raiders? It is a strategy game on the steamfantasy side of things, dragons, airships, skypirates, and from the looks of it, cute graphics and a lot of action, it could be tremendous fun to play. The ratings on the […]

Bioshock Infinite Short Film – The Apple Thief

| 4. April 2014

This short piece came out of a school project. Good work, I say! If we only had had the technology to do such things when I was young. Alas, that was the time when monitor screens showed yellow letters on green background… And it very much captures what is going on in Bioshock Infinite. So, […]

Dr Gears – A Steampunk game out of Hungary

| 4. März 2014

It is with great pleasure I share this press release and feature with you. It reached me from Hungary, where at least some of my ancestors dwelled not so many generations ago: Dr Gears is here, the most complex gear-system construction app for iOS Dr Gears Studio launched the most complex gear-system construction game for […]

Review: Lego Space – Building the Future

| 24. November 2013

In 1979 I got my first Lego Space toy, it was the classic moon buggy. I have been a fan of Lego Space ever since, although I still strongly prefer the classic series and some of the late 1990’s releases did not really strike my fancy. Anyway, the other day I found an email by […]

Steampunk adventure game The Dead Flower Case – Raffle!

| 2. November 2013

This post is actually just a teaser… A new adventure game coming to Kickstarter on November 7th called The Dead Flower Case if the fundraiser reaches its goal, it will be available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The game’s style is based on Steampunk sculptures of acclaimed Belgian artist Stephane Halleux. Mando Production, the game […]

The Saga continues: Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery

| 19. August 2013

Fresh and hot of the press: Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery St. Louis, Missouri – August 19, 2013 – The award-winning steampunk media franchise Dirigible Days has become the latest entry to join the cast of the upcoming tablet game Dreamland Delivery and the Nightmare Knight. Created by Indianapolis-based Puca Studios, […]

The Order 1886 – Cinematic Trailer

| 11. Juni 2013

This looks pretty good in deed! Head-tip to for posting it before and thus bringing the trailer to my attention.