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Graf Zeppelin Postcard

| 11. Januar 2015

I have expressed my love for Zeppelins rather rarely recently, this post will remedy the situation. This, obviously, is a historic postcard with the Graf Zeppelin cruising majestically over the fair city of Rio de Janeiro.

Victor Sierra – The Xmas Case

| 12. Dezember 2013

Oh the high-octane awesome! Victor Sierra have released a Steampunk-themed christmas song, The Xmas Case, and it is a jewel:   Lyrics excerpt: SANTA CLAUS WALKS IN WITH HIS SACK FULL OF DOUBTS HE COMES OUT OF THE HAZE WITH A DESPERATE GAZE SIPPS A ZERO COKE AND PUFFS E-BUTT SMOKE HE’S A MAJOR PLAYER […]

Out of my Element – A Steampunk Webcomic

| 11. Oktober 2012

Kudos to Frank for this one. Gosh, I just thought back, I’ve known the guy for twelve years now, how time flies. I digress. He pointed my attention to the following web comic: Out of my Element And now I have pointed your attention to it. How devious of me to do such a thing. […]

Gentlemen need Cocktails!

| 18. Juni 2012

Well, it took some time but summer has hit. Now it is rather on the warm side outside, in other terms: It is cocktail weather. Under most circumstances, my cocktail of choice is the White Russian, which, coincidentally, has nothing to do with my political stance. If you did not get the joke, look it […]

Not Safe for Work Ray Bradbury Tribute

| 11. Juni 2012

This video is a little older but has seen much play and exposure since Ray Bradbury passed on: According to various sources, the late Mr. Bradbury thought this little piece was tremendous fun. I hope he still has al little giggle out there between the stars.

Zombiscuits – For your friendly neighbourhood Zombies

| 5. Juni 2012

Do you know this problem: You really like your friendly neighbourhood zombies. They do not give you grief, you do not give them grief, but still, they are just mindless shambling corpse. Loveable but mindless. Every now and then, some will be bound to lurch unto your porch? What do you do then? Try Zombiscuits! […]

Break the Rules, Do Something New, be a Daring Amateur!

| 29. Mai 2012

The attitude described here by Mr. Keats is so Steampunk: Be an individual, ask your own questions, do your own projects, inflict them on the world! Allow the word to engage you in return! To be inactive would mean to waste a chance to leave a mark. You do not have to be a professional, […]

The Truth on Friday

| 27. April 2012

Simon Pegg, of Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek fame, is my Hero of the Day. Very well said… Very well said!

Exterminate Beer! – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

| 17. März 2012

Advice for Voyagers in Spacetime

| 6. März 2012

Yes, those two should not be confused. It could lead to a broken keyboard (because you shot it). Even worse: You could get shot because you keep compulsively hitting your table and the more dubious patrons in the bar find you irritating. So, keep that in mind next time you go on a trans-dimensional spacetime […]