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Featured Artist: The Copperfield Ensemble

| 28. Juli 2014

Today’s featured artist, the Copperfield Ensemble, comes with an event announcement and tour dates. So many good things in one go. This is how the Ensemble describe themselves: The Copperfield Ensemble Project is an imagining of Victorian music played today: a cross between Chamber Music and Music Hall, this is Classical music to sing along […]

Review: Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World of Weird

| 11. Juli 2014

Right, let’s get this thing done, shall we? Mr. Strange’s minion Gary already contacted me in April and suggested for me to review Mr. Strange’s latest album, The Wonderful World of Weird, which is exactly what I will do now, though it is by far an easy task. The Wonderful World of Weird is my […]

Caravan – Jeff Hunt Band – Such sweet video story telling!

| 26. Juni 2014

A few days ago, I was contacted by the gentleman and artist Jeff Hunt. He pointed me towards the latest video his band, the Jeff Hunt Band, released, since it is Steampunk-themed. I happily share it with you now, please enjoy: As you may have guessed if you follow this blog and the music reviews […]

New Album: Professor Elemental – The Giddy Limit

| 19. Juni 2014

The most honourable, well-known gentleman and artist Professor Elemental has released another album: The Giddy Limit You can listen to snippets of the album right here: The Giddy Limit Please enjoy. And here’s the track All in together in full length, already an anthem, I think: All In Together by Professor Elemental And this is […]

The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

| 23. April 2014

Ah, found a link to The Cog is Dead latest video in my ætherbox and of course I had to share it with you lovely people, so here it is:  

Help Victor Sierra make it to the Steampunk World Fair

| 8. April 2014

Victor Sierra needs your help! Help us bring our act to the States! In 2012 we saw the very best of welcomes for us at The Steampunk World’s Fair. The enthusiasm with which we were greeted led us to a fantastical acceleration of creativity. We didn’t plan to release a second album (Yesterday’s Tomorrow) so […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #24 – A bushel of Steampunk Reviews

| 30. März 2014

Since I will very likely not be able to do all the reviews I want to do any time soon, I am trying to be efficient about it and do as many in one go as are easily feasible. For this reason, today’s Non-Euclidean Æthercast’s episode take a look at two Steampunk works, an EP […]

Press Release: Sunday Driver ‘Flo’ (featuring Kuljit Bhamra)

| 25. März 2014

Sunday Driver will soon release their new EP Flo, a very special recording: All lyrics are in native languages of the Indian subcontinent! More soon, for now, there is only the press release (excerpt): New CD title/(Label/Cat.No): Flo (Bakul Bagan Records BBR005) Release date: 1 April 2014 File under: Indie / World / Asian / […]

Review: Escape the Clouds – Moments EP

| 19. März 2014

The fifth longplayer by Escape the Clouds, and this one is a little bit different; it is purely instrumental and it is also regrettably short, only six tracks all in all. The content of the EP can be described rather adequately by one sentence: The joy of air travel distilled into music. I am aware […]

Review: Babymetal – Babymetal

| 6. März 2014

Three Japanese teenage girls making heavy metal music, if this scenario sounds weird to you, well, it sounded weird to me when I was first introduced to the band a few months ago. Just a bit of background on the band: Babymetal is a constructed band, the members are all part of the Sakura Gakuin […]