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Happy Solstice everybody!

| 21. Dezember 2013

Today is Winter Solstice, Yule, and just in time for the festival, the lovely people over at Screen Novelties have sent me this cute animated short to share, enjoy! Original art by  

Do not hate on Geek Girls

| 2. August 2013

This fits nicely to yesterday’s podcast. Apparently, there are violaters of Wheaton’s law (Don’t be a dick!) going round to wonderfully geeky girls, telling them, they (the girls) are not geeky enough. Or they have to prove their geekyness to those examples of human refuse. Well, not geeky enough, here’s the answer the geek nazis […]

An Evil Shot of Vodka for Friday

| 12. Juli 2013

For all you Steampunks with metaphysical inclinations. Those of you who regularly attend seances, here comes the perfect drink to get you into the mood and maybe attract some additional spirits: Find out more on their official blog and website, they are still in the start-up phase, but who knows what evil will pour out […]

Zombiscuits – For your friendly neighbourhood Zombies

| 5. Juni 2012

Do you know this problem: You really like your friendly neighbourhood zombies. They do not give you grief, you do not give them grief, but still, they are just mindless shambling corpse. Loveable but mindless. Every now and then, some will be bound to lurch unto your porch? What do you do then? Try Zombiscuits! […]

An Amazing Journey

| 13. Dezember 2011

This blog was originally intended to document my travels, but due to the financial crash of 2008 and various other developments in real life, my travels have been limited. Never mind. However, I can share with you what others have experienced on their travels, and helping telling the story and spreading the tale is beautiful […]

This came in via Richard Dawkin’s Twitter Channel

| 25. November 2011

“RichardDawkins: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study – – – Huff Post Media –” —“ And some people keep wondering why sarcasm, despair and some light misanthropy are among my favourite hobbies…

Peter Falk has passed on

| 24. Juni 2011

Peter Falk, a.k.a. Inspector Columbo, one of the most iconic and beloved actors of the last decades has passed on. He will be sorely missed and we all hope he will eventually return saying “Oh, and another thing…”

Non-Steampunk Update: This image says it all

| 19. Mai 2011

This just proves once more, that the heads of the Evangelical Movement are phony, selfish scumbags. I am not attacking any faithful Christians out there, just the loudmouths who claim to do good but are ever only good to themselves and everybody else pays:

Help Japan!

| 11. März 2011

You know what to do, Japan needs our help! American Red Cross, German Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders 私たちはあなたの味方

When Comics influence Science

| 12. Oktober 2010

This post is all about the celebration of science and humor. In 1982, Gary Larson drew the following cartoon: The term thagomizer has since weasled its way into proper scientific publications and is (amongst other places) mentioned in this excellent Skeptoid episode. The whole story behind it is summed up in this cartoon better than […]