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Review: Jews vs Aliens (Anthology)

| 3. April 2015

One thing first: Jews vs Aliens is not Steampunk, two of the stories in there fall, from what I can tell, into the Pulp Era and could be considered Dieselpunk but I primarily read the anthology for two reasons: The title alone… The anthology was curated and edited by my friend and favourite author Lavie […]

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

| 27. Februar 2015

It is with a heavy heart I report the death of Leonard Nimoy. A living legend has passed on. We will remember him in our hearts, our minds and our souls. is deeply saddened to report the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The legend — an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, host, voiceover artist, photographer, […]

Interstellar looks epic!

| 17. Mai 2014

The upcoming sci-fi movie Interstellar looks absolutely epic, judging from this trailer. Right now, I think it has an almost 2001-feel to it. Even better: Matthew McConaughey! So many great flicks this year, so little time…

Rest in Peace, H.R. Giger

| 13. Mai 2014

H.R. Giger, iconic Swiss artist and creator of the quintessential killing machine, the Xenomorph, has passed away yesterday afternoon after suffering an accident, he was 74 years old. Without Giger, modern science fiction and horror alike would be very different. He has influenced the imagination of many, including Ridley Scott and Jonathan Davies (Korn frontman).

Doctor Who Google Doodle

| 22. November 2013

My dear fellow Whovians, in case you have not noticed it yet, Google has a Doctor-Who-themed Doodle. It is not implemented worldwide (for example the German Google site does not display it), this is no problem at all, since the image below links to     And before I forget it: there is a […]

Gail Carriger’s Sci-Fi Audiobook Project

| 3. Oktober 2013

The esteemed lady Gail Carriger of Parasol Protectorate fame has another project in the making:   Gail Carriger, NYT bestselling author of the Parasol Protectorate, has teamed up with ArtisticWhispers Productions to produce a full-cast audiobook of her ‘lost’ SF novel Crudrat. Written just before her Parasol Protectorate books took off, Crudrat’s golden-age adventure pedigree […]

Doctor Who and Firefly in a Steampunk Webseries?

| 9. August 2013

That at least is one of the features of a planned Steampunk webseries by the name of TINKERS. The press release for TINKERS sounds intriguing and has quite a list of names attached to it: Prepare for a high-flying steampunk adventure in this all-new sci-fi/fantasy series about a pair of talented inventors called, the TINKERS. […]

Dalek Poetry

| 10. Juli 2013

This has nothing to do with anything, comes completely unprovoked. I simply almost choked on my coffee watching this, and I thought I give you all the opportunity to do the same:  

Happy Birthday, Peter Cushing

| 27. Mai 2013

Grand Moff Tarkin Doctor Who Doctor Van Helsing Sherlock Holmes and many, many more. All these are names connected to Mr Peter Cushing, one of the great old men of British cinema. Although never quite as popular during his life time than Hammer Film co-star Christopher Lee (film adversary and real life friend) he has […]

May the 4th be with you!

| 4. Mai 2013

Not really Steampunk (and I am not really into Steampunk Star Wars either), but May the 4th is one of those geek holidays I observe. May the 4th be with you all!