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Product Review: Mirtello Night Black & Gold by Weird Ape

| 17. Oktober 2015

I think I have mentioned this on the blog before, I collect watches. Mainly pocket watches (my oldest one was made in 1855) but I also have a decent collection of wrist watches. I was highly delighted therefore, when I was offered a complimentary watch by Weird Ape. Specifically one of their Steampunk range. You […]

Review: Cryptex Version 2.0 – Almost like a Pocket Watch

| 25. August 2015

After getting my hands on the first version of the Cryptex and reviewing it, it was only a matter of time until the collection was extended. I am now also the proud and delighted owner of the next generation Cryptex USB drive in a flat, round brass shell which doubles rather nicely as a pocket […]

Josh Kinsey Strikes Again – Geekie Awards

| 5. Oktober 2014

Wow! I think few people have been featured on this blog as often as my friend Joshua Kinsey. This is the fourth time I feature him, and this time it is two videos and a journal article. So, here is the first video in which Master Craftsman Kinsey talks about his art, a pleasure to […]

Les Machines de L’ile de Nantes – Le Grand Eléphant

| 3. Januar 2014

I have mentioned this marvelous machine, the Great Elephant of L’ile de Nantes before, it also featured in my university presentation, but this is the first time I have actually found a video of it in action, so please enjoy:   Les Machines de L’ile de Nantes /// Le Grand Eléphant from Crossing Factory on […]

Happy Steampunk Hanukkah

| 28. November 2013

Happy Hanukkah to everybody, especially to my jewish readers and in particular to my friends Bob and Anouk and everybody involved with the Punk Torah project. If you want to give some Steampunk twist to this festival, the honourable inventor Grunambulax has made a very beautiful and ingenious creation to do exactly that. So it […]

Richard Nagy a.k.a. Datamancer has passed into the Æther

| 26. November 2013

The honourable genius inventor and tinkerer Richard Nagy, better known as Datamancer, has passed on. From what I know he was killed in a car accident last week. Richard was part of the bedrock of our scene, and although relatively few of us knew his face, I guess most of us have seen at least […]

Review: Lego Space – Building the Future

| 24. November 2013

In 1979 I got my first Lego Space toy, it was the classic moon buggy. I have been a fan of Lego Space ever since, although I still strongly prefer the classic series and some of the late 1990’s releases did not really strike my fancy. Anyway, the other day I found an email by […]

What in Cthulhu’s name is this device

| 21. Oktober 2013

Hey all! I was made aware of a most peculiar device by my co-conspirator over at Clockworker. The device is this:   It was found in the Holbein Gymnasium in Augsburg, Germany, and thus far nobody was able to identify it, although it has been presented to a number of experts, all of which where […]

This thing with Touchsquid

| 18. Oktober 2013

I can just about imagine what some of you are thinking. Here is little old me, a self-confessed Cthulhu cultist who is now blogging about something called Touchsquid. Well, leave your unholy thoughts to yourself, because this actually concerns tech. The other day I was browsing the Google Play Store for Steampunk stuff and came […]

Featured Artist: Operational Gearbox

| 14. Oktober 2013

During my trip to Barcelona, I made contact with a number of Spanish artists, some of whom I will feature here starting right now with hopefully some more in the future. So let#s get started with Operational Gearbox In their own words: I’m an electronics technician by heart, raised by a family of teachers and […]