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A Boy and his Atom – Literally!

| 1. Mai 2013

Every dot in this stop-motion animation by IBM is a single atom, how cool is that! A few facts: The dots in this 90-second film are so small they can only be seen when magnified 100 million times. The ability to move single atoms is vital for research into data storage at the atomic level […]

Battleship Barnum’s Dream – It truely is a dream

| 24. April 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, every now and then, I find a true jewel in my ætherbox, a link to a site, video or image that s truly inspiring. Today, I found an æthermail by the most honourable gentleman Ed Ross,presenting his creation, the battleship Barnum’s Dream. A stunning masterpiece of craftsmanship and a suitable story to […]

J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice – Third feature

| 14. April 2013

Now this is a first. To be more precise, this is the first time a website gets featured three times, but J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice truly deserves it. Mr. Kinsey is a master craftsman, creating one wonderful artifact after another, so it is with great pleasure I present the following gallery o his latest inventions (and a portrait […]

Beautiful Contraptions made from Junkyard Parts

| 11. April 2013

Oh the BBC… What would I do without the BBC! Take a look at this, Rob Higgs is a tinkerer par excellence!

Doctor Who, Tesla Coils, and the Maker Faire: So much Win!

| 31. März 2013

The title of this post speaks for itself. Two Tesla coils playing the Doctor Who theme song at the Maker Faire 2011. Performance by ArcAttack Why did I not find this sooner, anyway?

Flapperpunk SEO

| 27. März 2013

How could I miss that? This is an excellent video combining my favourite leisure time interest with my daytime job: I laughed my head off. If you don’t get it, never mind, it is a rather specific kind of humor.

Restored Me-262 in flight

| 25. Februar 2013

Footage of a restored Me-262 Schwalbe taking off on a 30-minutes flight to a nearby airbase. Pure bliss!

Atompunk: Unused Space Suit Designs

| 21. Februar 2013

The more I dig into the Atompunk side of things, the more wonderful tech-gems pop up. I had no idea what a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful hides in the Atompunk timeframe. During the height of the space race, both the Soviet Union and the United States used massive amounts of resources to […]

Vintage Tomorrows—New from MAKE and O’Reilly Media

| 12. Februar 2013

Being an author with O’Reilly myself, I just had to share this press release. Vintage Tomorrows—New from MAKE and O’Reilly Media A Historian And A Futurist Journey Through Steampunk Into The Future of Technology “If you’re going to mess about with something, do something real and meaningful with it. Don’t screw it up. Make it […]

IBM Steampunk Info Graphic

| 17. Januar 2013

The following info graphic is provided courtesy of IBM. It was released under a CC licence, specifically this one, on Flickr, by  the IBM Media account.