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Abney Park: Nomad – New Album Out Now!

| 28. November 2014

Abney Park, likely the best-known Steampunk band around, is releasing a new album, Nomad. As of me writing this article, it is still just over seven hours until the album will be available for sale. According to Abney Park’s statement yesterday: On sale tomorrow, noon, pst. Abney Parks new album, Nomad. Comes in two flavors: […]

Strasburg Railroad Steampunk Event

| 8. März 2014

May I point your attention to this most splendid event, coming to Pennsylvania in September 2014: Abney Park Announced as Musical Headliner for Steampunk unLimited Tickets Now On Sale for Steampunk unLimited™ Weekend September 26 – 28 Strasburg, PA (February 27, 2014) – Strasburg Rail Road announces Abney Park, dubbed as one of Steampunk’s most influential […]

Abney Park European Tour – Help them to get to Paris!

| 23. Februar 2014

The Barcelona event of the Abney Park European tour was successfully crowd-funded, now the French Steampunks have banded together to get Abney Park to Paris. For this reason, they have started a fundraiser at Kiskisbankbank, a dedicated French site. But do not worry, it is available in other languages, too. The link below contains all […]

Help Abney Park play in Barcelona

| 25. Januar 2014

Abney Park is currently planning a European tour and are still looking for some gigs. My friends in Barcelona have taken matters into their own hands and are crowd-funding their concert and I am doing my darnest to help them out in this endeavor. Captain Robert is pretty fond of the whole plan, too. This […]

Steampunk Concert 22.02.2012 Eindhoven – Impressions and Loot

| 23. Februar 2013

It may be hard to believe, but yesterday marked the first time I attended a proper pure-strain Steampunk concert. Until then I had to be content with listening to downloads and hear the tales others told me. Luckily, I was able to make up for the long wait by attending the best concert I have […]

Abney Park – Steampunk Revolution

| 10. April 2012

Another epic song by the band which led me down the Steampunk path:  

Abney Park – Evil Man

| 9. März 2012

Abney Park wants You!

| 4. Januar 2012

Abney Park has something big planned and you can be part of it all! Now you know what you have to do: Get your stuff together, shoot a few photos or make a video and then let Abney Park know about it. I would really like to be part of this, alas, I have none […]

Abney Park Fan Video

| 6. Juli 2011

Just an absolutely beautiful and marvelously executed fan-made video for Abney Park’s The Wrath o Fate, please enjoy: And that’s actually all for today, folks!

The Youngest Abney Park Fan

| 27. September 2010

Well. what can I say. Like father, like son. My little son was six weeks old last Friday and already he is showing much promise in various departments. Just a few minutes ago he displayed excellent taste in music. Let me elaborate, the Little Piranha (I will tell on a different occasion how he got […]