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The Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

| 15. November 2014

I have to give credit to Tee Morris for pointing my attention to this jewel of a TV advert. I hope you all know on what actual historic event the advert is based. If not, please feel ashamed and go here. Beautiful, simply beautiful! I wish we would see more on TV with such a […]

Having a smoke in the olden days

| 18. Juli 2012

Now here is an Ætheweb find I did not expect. I was always under the impression, previous generations were tougher than we are. ou know, walking 30 miles every morning to school, up-hill, both ways,in a terrible blizzard, wearing only socks. That kind of thing. But this piece of advertising really proves our forefathers’ claim, […]