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Do not hate on Geek Girls

| 2. August 2013

This fits nicely to yesterday’s podcast. Apparently, there are violaters of Wheaton’s law (Don’t be a dick!) going round to wonderfully geeky girls, telling them, they (the girls) are not geeky enough. Or they have to prove their geekyness to those examples of human refuse. Well, not geeky enough, here’s the answer the geek nazis […]

Cyberpunk Armorers

| 15. August 2012

My friend Dag of SteamheArt fame has pointed my eye towards a most amazing armory workshop on the ætherweb: Nightmare Armor Studios The word “impressive” does not suffice at all. What they have on display on their site is hands down the most mind-boggling selection of sci-fi/cyberpunk armor suits I have ever seen on the […]

This image needs no explanation

| 27. Januar 2012

Random Ætherweb Tomfoolery

| 26. Januar 2012

The thought alone… Like the final season of Blackadder on meth.

Steampowered Dieselpunk Aircraft

| 2. Januar 2012

Another wonderful piece of tech art I found on DeviantArt. The concept behind it is rather weird, but we can still dream, can’t we? So, to sum up what this is about: This is an experimental German aircraft (from a completely different time line) powered by a steam turbine.  I actually wonder if it would […]

Tom Slatter – Beast of the Air

| 20. Oktober 2011

It has been a while since I last posted something about one of the most talented and versatile steampunk artists in Britain, Tom Slatter. A shame, really, since his music videos a polished eye-candy. This one is yet another great steampunk adventure put into a music video: Tom Slatter facing off against the infamous Air […]

Violet Tribe: The Steam Song

| 27. September 2011

It has been a while since I last posted something about steampunk-related tribal bellydance. If I have not missed something, the last article was actually about Dizzy and the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, almost two years ago, Fortunately, this long interval is now coming to an end with this video. A friend of mine who […]

A message from John Sprocket

| 20. September 2011

Strange fluctuations in space and time. Only minutes after I finished yesterday’s article on Ghostfire, in which I mentioned The Cog is Dead, I got a message via æthermail. The message was from no other than the famed Captain John Sprocket of The Cog is Dead. He informed me of the completion of the band’s […]

This one is all about readers’ feedback

| 8. September 2011

The Secret Police is hard at work

| 7. September 2011

Where do I start… A few days ago I was cruising through the ætherweb like I usually do and found another place I thus far had not been to before. I will also not return there. Among other things, Steampunk as a fashion and life style was discussed and there were quite a number of […]