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Non-Euclidean Æthercast #32 – A very Cyberpunk interview with Matthew de Abaitua

| 31. August 2015

Today’s podcast follows the happy and unfortunately long neglected line of posts on this blog dealing with the publications of the Angry Robot Books. I have the pleasure of welcoming Matthew de Abaitua as my interview partner today, whose cyberpunk novel If Then will be published by Angry Robot Books on September 3rd. Please enjoy […]

Review: Empire State by Adam Christopher

| 13. Januar 2012

At times I have these premonitions, I simply know when something is going to be good. When I first read about Empire State by Adam Christopher on the Angry Robot Books blog, I thought it could be a fun read. Turns out, my premonition was a bit off the mark. Empire State is not a […]

Angry Robot Books is doing it again!

| 14. Dezember 2011

Right, my favourite publisher is doing it again (as if they ever stopped): Releasing fantastic books. Now, my preference for Angry Robot Books has several reasons: They’ve got Lavie Tidhar They’ve got Guy Adams They’ve got Dan Abnett They are based in Nottingham (home sweet home…) I have thus far not encountered a single book […]

Angry Robot Books Strikes Again

| 28. August 2011

The guys at Angry Robot Books have come up with something big. The idea is WorldBuilder and they go into depth about what it is here, on their own blog. Now, I am really excited about this development. Two main reasons: The universe forming the frame for WorldBuilding is a 1930’s Pulp setting, in other […]

Breaking News: The Cover of The Great Game by Lavie Tidhar has been released!

| 14. Juli 2011

Just in, fresh from Lavie Tidhar and the Angry Robot blog! This is the cover of Lavie Tidhar’s third part of The Bookman Histories, The Great Game: But there is one slightly bitter taste to it: The novel will not be released until February 2012. Still quite a long time in the future. I can […]

Interview with Lavie Tidhar on the Angry Robot Podcast

| 15. Juni 2011

  Just wanted to share the following episode of the Angry Robot Podcast, since it is an interview with Lavie Tidhar and not sharing it would be an abomination. I am really looking forward to the release of The Great Game and am currently reading Ossama. Very different, but also highly recommendable. Theme song courtesy […]

Non-Steampunk Review: Guy Adams’ Restoration

| 29. Mai 2011

Believe it or not, I sometimes actually read books that have nothing to do with Steampunk or the Cthulhu Mythos. I also like books by Richard Dawkins and similar scientists and I am rather fond of modern fantasy, a.k.a Urban Fantasy, in general. And the latter catergory brings me to today’s review of Restoration by […]