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SteamUp Festival Vol. III – Travel Log Part 2: Unused Wrist-Band

| 16. April 2012

As I said in the previous installment of the travel log, when I arrived, there were about 100 people already there. Most of them were also dressed up steampunk-style, most of the others were either goths or metal-heads. So, do you know how many people live in the Czech Republic? 10,562,214 according to the 2011 […]

Vaguely Steampunk Christmas Sculpture

| 6. Dezember 2011

If you keep your eyes open, you discover steampunk-esque artifacts almost everywhere. This image was taken in pretty close proximity to where I spend most hours of daylight during the winter months, i.e. near my office: Now, what can we make of this sculpure? Something modernist or is it almost dystopian? Some rusty cog-wheels on […]

No-time Update

| 15. November 2011

A happy Steamtuesday to you, one and all. Unfortunately, my time for updating this blog is really limited right now and will continue to be so for the forseeable future. So, for now I have to leave you with a really quick, brief and fun update with more or less dieselpunk images I found on […]

Convention Logo – Work in Progress

| 5. November 2011

The European Steampunk Convention is getting an official logo soon, and a very official name. Both works are still in progress but we are getting there. The date is also more or less fixed, it will be in September and it will coincide with the the Steampunk gathering in Luxembourg. The same will also be […]

The fog is creeping in

| 7. Oktober 2011

The mists are gathering outside, the sun is setting early, summer has passed (although it made a strong final effort the last weeks around here). Now it is time tio get the pumpkin carvers out and get ready for everybody’s favourite pagan holiday: Halloween. And if you want to steampunk your house or laboratory or […]

Vote for The Infernal Device

| 29. September 2011

Myke Amend’s epic art project The Infernal Device needs your vote. Please go to​voting and cast your vote there. It will also be rather helpful if you can also make it to the venue in person, this is not a pure online vote. People have learned from previous experiences with that sort of thing. If you […]

No Girls allowed on the Moon

| 25. September 2011

Just came across this one on Paleofuture, and it firmly fits into atompunk gone a bit too far in a baseball jacket wearing direction: Those were the days… 1960. Most people were convinced there would be cities on the moon in their lifetime. Well… ummmmm… It did not quite turn out that way. At least […]

Steampunk Design Contest at Mighty Fine

| 14. September 2011

The good people at Mighty Fine (I blogged about one of their t-shirt designs before) are hosting a most commendable design contest. Submit your design until October 3rd (coincidentally, that is German Unity Day) for a chance to win up to 2000 $ and a chance to have thousands of Steampunks wear your t-shirt! Even […]

Special News Bulletin: PBS Goes Steampunk

| 31. August 2011

Yes, Steampunk is turning from a subculture phenomenon and a phenomenal subculture into somehing that is more and more recognized by the public at large. Even better, the perception is overwhelmingly positive. So it is little wonder that major-league media players like PBS have turned their attention to Steampunk, look a this video (uploaded today […]

Exquisite Art

| 27. August 2011

While exploring the æthernet during one of the past hot evenings when it was simply too hot to go to sleep I came across a number of interesting items of various sort and aspect I found worth presenting here. This is the first discovery I would like to share, a most stunning piece of art, […]