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Minutes at the Edge #10 – The Geeks Shall Inherit the Solar System

| 3. August 2015

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is a very happy one. I talk about the New Horizon mission to Pluto, the discoveries made and the geek fest the people at NASA had naming the geological structures they found on Pluto and Charon. Please enjoy this shiny podcast!     And here are some links […]

Minutes at the Edge #8 – Things between the Stars

| 22. Juni 2014

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is all about the weird and wonderful stuff between the starts and the stars themselves. Especially if the stars in question are weird and wonderful, so please enjoy:   Further reading: Red Giant and Neutron Star Thorne–Żytkow object Oldest Star article 1 and article 2 Cosmic inflation evidence […]

Something is going on on Mars…

| 21. November 2012

Well, NASA has announced the Curiosity Rover has made a discovery on Mars but this is all for now. Apparently, someone has also said that, if the discovery is confirmed, it will be one for the history books. Of course, everybody is now lurking for the announcement of LIFE ON MARS! but let us keep […]

And now for something beautiful that came from science

| 25. Oktober 2012

After my last two not so serious posts about paranormal activity around here, it is time for some hard and beautiful science. Yes, hard science can in deed be beautiful, especially if the grandeur of the cosmos is involved. So, without further ado, I present to you: The known universe in HD

A quote that always fills me with joy!

| 10. Oktober 2012

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff. – Carl Sagan

Ancient sites spotted from space

| 20. März 2012

Well, well, what can I say. This truely is a triumph for science and technology. Space science has helped archeology spot new potential sites of ancient habitation. More details in this article by the BBC. And it is not only about science: Every dig is also an adventure, every new discovery is an adventure. The […]

Website to crowdsource alien life

| 29. Februar 2012

Want to help in a crowdsourced effort to find life out there in space? The BBC has an interesting article on the subject. Go read it! And then saunter onto

Shoutout for Science! RED ALERT!

| 26. Januar 2012

Stop What You’re Doing and Explore Mars Right Now! Go here (klick) And since I initially posted this one on the fly (i.e. from my smartphone) here is a little image to beautify the article and to show you what you get behind the link:    

MSL Liftoff and Moon Cannon

| 28. November 2011

As an astronomy geek, I simply had to share this one, the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory: Apart from the obvious science and sheer power of technology involved in here, it is also interesting to see how much actual space travel differs from early visions. Although rockets have been around for centuries, even millenia, […]

How to defend earth from Asteroids – Phil Plait

| 21. November 2011

Phil Plait (I featured a video of one of his talks before) strikes again. Please enjoy this talk and presentation he gave at TED in Boulder, Arizona, about how to defend the earth from asteroids. A very important point. Why? Do you know why the dinosaurs died out? They did not have a space program […]