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Help Abney Park play in Barcelona

| 25. Januar 2014

Abney Park is currently planning a European tour and are still looking for some gigs. My friends in Barcelona have taken matters into their own hands and are crowd-funding their concert and I am doing my darnest to help them out in this endeavor. Captain Robert is pretty fond of the whole plan, too. This […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #21: EuroSteamCon Barcelona Recap

| 26. Oktober 2013

I am a bit late with this podcast, because the trip to Barcelona and the EuroSteamCon event there is already a month in the past. Thus, I think I have probably missed a few details of my adventures in Barcelona. In any case, it was an awesome trip and I hope to see the people […]

Featured Artist: Operational Gearbox

| 14. Oktober 2013

During my trip to Barcelona, I made contact with a number of Spanish artists, some of whom I will feature here starting right now with hopefully some more in the future. So let#s get started with Operational Gearbox In their own words: I’m an electronics technician by heart, raised by a family of teachers and […]

EuroSteamCon in Barcelona – Photos

| 30. September 2013

Last weekend, the second instalment of EuroSteamCon took place, and after spending last year in Vienna, I decided to go to Barcelona this year. I did not regret my decision. The people were amazing, the weather was just perfect, and I had the best ham sandwich of my life. All in all, this was one […]

Retrofuturistic Week from 11th to 16th February in Barcelona

| 3. Februar 2013

As I mentioned in my last podcast, there is an awful lot going on in Spain. Case in point, in a few days the Semana Retrofuturista is happening in Spain. My friends there were kind enough to give me an English synopsis of the details: From 11th to 16th February, Retrofuturisms, Steampunk, Dieselpunk and related […]