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Sci-Fi Web Series Dirigible Days Announces Comic Book Sequel

| 27. April 2013

Sorry, people, I am a bit late (this came in over a week ago) but you know how it is sometimes… Anyway, it is with great pleasure, I point your attention to the following announcement:   St. Louis, April 19, 2013 – Day 304 Productions is developing a comic book sequel to their award-winning steampunk […]

Fun with Evil Germans: How to do it right

| 13. Oktober 2011

Just three posts ago, I was ranting about Germans being once again used as the stupid default villain, specifically as Nazis-in-disguise. Now, the thing that annoys me about this is the trope-whoring. No matter what the historical setting is, there is always something Nazi-esque about the Germans. I wonder when I will get my hands […]

Lady Mechanika

| 30. September 2010

Famed comic artist Joe Benitez who has worked on such titles as JLA, Superman/Batman and Titans for DC Comics and titles like The Darkness and Weapon  Zero for Image Comics is currently working on a new and singularly interesting series of comics, Lady Mechanika. Credit for the discovery goes to my friends over at Clockworker, […]

Dieselpunk Eye Candy and Webcomic

| 16. Juli 2010

Today, a person calling himself  19XX (a.k.a. Paul Roman Martinez) has joined our circle at the Smoking Lounge. He submitted the following piece of art and explained, it was a new character in  his web-comic, also called 19XX: Very nice tank, isn’t it? 19XX is a very Dieselpunk web-comic, set in an alternative 1930’s timeline. […]

Steampunk the Comic

| 11. Juli 2010

In the dark, hidden corners of the ætherweb, sometimes you find  hints of forgotten things, tales no longer told and art no longer appreciated. One of these forgotten works of art is a graphic novel/comic which ran from 2000 to 2002. Alas, it did not attract many readers and thus was cancelled before it could […]