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Non-Euclidean Æthercast #29 – #SteampunkHands 2015

| 12. Februar 2015

The 29th episode of the Non-Euclidean Æthercast is all about the second instalment of Airship Ambassador’s wonderful initiative Steampunk Hands around the World. This year’s topic is Steampunk: Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop and I have given my own 2 cents worth of thought to the matter. It turned into a bit of a […]

Keep from falling!

| 12. September 2014

Tome Wilson, an icon of the Dieselpunk community and head behind the famed website and community needs our help! Since its beginning in 2009 has grown into one of the biggest and liveliest ætherweb abodes of our scene, this has also led to its associated costs have increased drastically. It has gotten to […]

Share this with your Steampunk Sweatheart and Friends

| 1. Juli 2014

My friend, the honourable gentleman and artist Georgie Retzer strikes again! He has created this adorable little image which you should all share with your sweetheart in the Steampunk scene! Come to think of it: You can share this with everybody you care for and who is a friend in and/or of the scene. After […]

Steampunks! Hear me! The Infernal Device needs You!

| 20. Mai 2011

Right, Myke Amend’s Infernal Device has three days left at Kickstarter and we just crossed the 60% mark. There has been an amazing rally the last few days and we are all banding together now for the final push! I just upped my pledge and I hope I can motivate some of you to go […]

Abney Park needs our help! Spread the word!

| 12. Januar 2011

Hello everybody! This is important, Abney Park needs our help! Although Abney Park is famous and revered in the Steampunk scene, but if you take a look at the big picture, they have a rather fanatic but small fan community. Obviously, this means they are nowhere near as affluent as more mainstream bands. Now disaster […]

Steampunk on Tumblr and The Dark Side

| 18. November 2010

This entry has a light side and a dark side and both concern readers’ feedback. I have on a number of occasions mentioned wonderful people who write to me, send links, share their ideas and make writing this blog a lot more fun. The latest two of these are Sarah and Phil, who have suggested […]