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Grumbleputty – Steampunk Artifacts and Lovecraftian Art

| 11. Januar 2014

Once again it is time for a “this came in through the ætherbox” feature. Just last week, the gentleman and artist by the name of Grumbleputty sent me a message inquiring if his recent forray into the world of Steampunk could be featured on my blog. He also recommended an etsy shop to me which […]

Forsaken – Russian Steampunk Fantasy Art

| 21. Juli 2013

The following image is in today’s “Daily Deviations” feature on DeviantArt and it is so hauntingly beautiful, I just had to share it (apart from the slight Steampunk elements, that is): My first thought was “Steampunk Cassandra”, equipped with a helmet which lets her see the future, yet nobody will listen. A very powerful image […]

Super Mario goes Steampunk

| 11. April 2012

Now this is something genuinely beautiful and inspired. A Super Mario themed Steampunk Cosplay: There is more cosplay and related photography in Ashley Anderson’s gallery on DeviantArt. I think Steampunk and Super Mario combines rather well. For one thing, Mario is a plumber, a craftsman with a rather dirty and gritty job and he has […]

How Steampunks would survive a Zombie Apocalypse

| 27. Februar 2012

Let’s face it: The chance of a Zombie Apocalypse is at an all-time high. Primarily because there are plenty of people who think it is rather exciting to be chased by zombies or even being zombies themselves. Well, Lieutenant Hawk has come up with quite a simple solution to survive and vigorously prod zombie behind […]

Steampowered Dieselpunk Aircraft

| 2. Januar 2012

Another wonderful piece of tech art I found on DeviantArt. The concept behind it is rather weird, but we can still dream, can’t we? So, to sum up what this is about: This is an experimental German aircraft (from a completely different time line) powered by a steam turbine.  I actually wonder if it would […]

Exquisite Art

| 27. August 2011

While exploring the æthernet during one of the past hot evenings when it was simply too hot to go to sleep I came across a number of interesting items of various sort and aspect I found worth presenting here. This is the first discovery I would like to share, a most stunning piece of art, […]

Steampunk Dinosaurs

| 24. August 2011

It happens in a few movies, it happens in role playing games, from the old Dungeons & Dragons to TORG to Chaosium Basic Role Playing: Intrepid explorers and adventurers encounter dinosaurs, which are, of course, some of the coolest, most awesome, and most beloved creatures/monsters of all time. Except for the obvious choice of cloning […]

Abe Lincoln with Assault Rifle on Grizzly

| 16. August 2011

Personally  I think the politicans of the recent decades lack a certain something. But then maybe the presidents we consider heroic and badass today were just regular guys and acquired an aura of the superhuman through the course of history. Well, recently I came across the marvelous artwork of SharpWriter on DeviantArt and  he has […]

Excellent Group Photograph

| 5. August 2011

Just found this wonderful Steampunk Star Wars Group Shot on Deviant Art. To be more specific, it is in the gallery of the excellent and well known Steampunk Lady Morluna. It is good to see so many skilled and crafty people in the scene. This is also a wonderful example of the cogs of the […]

Zeppelin Artwork

| 4. Juli 2010

Via my friend Nick’s blog I found the following magnificient artwork by Remton. Please pay him a visit his page on Deviant Art. It is titled “Luftflotte” and this says it all: Just notice the details, the woman (possibly a pilot) is wearing a headband with an Iron Cross and the Zeppelin (very futuristic, I […]