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Review: Steampunk Style

| 11. März 2014

The stream of books about the look and feel of Steampunk continues: Steampunk Style is the latest of this kind that has found its way into my humble abode and it is something special: It is from Japan, to be exact, the first genuine Japanese example of Steampunk (other than music) I have held in […]

Review: Steampunk Emporium

| 1. Juni 2011

Steampunk Emporium is another book blending fantasy with reality. It is about DIY steampunk art, jewellery to be precise, flavoured with short dispatches set in a steampunk world at the beginning of each chapter. The dispatches are sent from various locations by the intrepid correspondent Emilly Ladybird. First impression: Beautiful. The design, layout and artwork […]

Featured Book: Steampunk Softies

| 21. Mai 2011

Steampunk is pushing into more and more areas. While crafting has long been a pillar of community activities, I have thus far encountered little regarding toys. Maybe because comparatively few of us actually have children or children who still want toys. Anyway, I hold in my hands a book which tackles exactly this thus far […]