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Cthulhu says: Happy Iah!-ster

| 31. März 2013

We wish you a very happy Easter from the deepest caverns of R’lyeh!

This Easter, we need Steam!

| 8. April 2012

And we need it to get rid of all the snow we got last night! What in Cthulhu’s name is going on? In March, we had 20°C around these parts, and now we have snow outside and it is freezing! I guess this year we will have to repaint our easter eggs in winter-camouflage-pattern. And […]

Zeppelin Snapshot

| 25. April 2011

The weather over Easter has been excellent so far. Temperatures are more like middle of June than end of April. I am not complaining at all. Our little family obviously used the time off and the good weather for several walks in the sun. And it was during one of those (on Saturday, actually), that […]

Happy Steampunk Easter

| 4. April 2010

And we celebrate this occasion with the display of a really fitting portrait: Zis Steampunk Bunny by =Domzino on deviantART

Ostara Steampunk Bunny Jewelry

| 3. April 2010

Well, Easter is comming up once more. This time it is overshadowed by a massive scandal within the Catholic Church regarding child abuse on a biblical scale… Anyway… Nevertheless, I would like to get into the spirit of the season and share this nice piece of very fitting steampunk jewelry with you. It’s amazing what […]