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Malala Yousafzai Extended Interview on the Daily Show Pt. 1

| 9. Oktober 2013

Watch, listen, enough said: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook And if you want to support Malala’s work, you can do it here:

The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog goes to University

| 12. Juni 2013

Just quickly wanted to share this post for all those who do not regularly read the German version of this blog. A week today, on the 19th of June 2013 I will be giving a guest-lecture on Steampunk at TU Dortmund. This is the official poster for the event, so if any of you can […]

Learning to read – Steampunk Style!

| 16. Mai 2013

Want to get your children into Steampunk at a really early age? Why not use the Steampunk Alphabet Book: It is not only a wonderful tool for early exposure to your favourite subculture and an excellent way to teach very early learning skills, no, as you can see, it is also a beautiful work of […]

Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser – back online

| 7. November 2012

When I was informed by IndieGoGo they had blocked my account because of unusual activities, I first feared some Taliban-affiliated hacker had tempered with it. My fears were unfounded, luckily. The true reason why my account was blocked and the fundraiser for Malala Yousafzai (please click and take a look) taken offline was: IndieGoGo wanted […]

Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser! Spread the word!

| 15. Oktober 2012

OK, it is good if we all send get-well-soon wishes to Malala who is currently treated in the UK, but it is even better if we pick up her torch and see to it that girls in Pakistan get an education. This is the reason why I created the Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser. Find […]

Break the Rules, Do Something New, be a Daring Amateur!

| 29. Mai 2012

The attitude described here by Mr. Keats is so Steampunk: Be an individual, ask your own questions, do your own projects, inflict them on the world! Allow the word to engage you in return! To be inactive would mean to waste a chance to leave a mark. You do not have to be a professional, […]

Support the SciFund Challenge! Mad Science Hurray!

| 3. Mai 2012

Today’s feature is for mad scientists and other future overlords of a more intellectual persuasion who do not have the funds to get started on their own. If the description above is all about you (yes, you!) then you should pay RocketHub a visit. This is all because RocketHub is currently partnering with the SciFund […]

Vintage Tomorrows – What Can Playing With the Past Teach Us About the Future?”

| 28. März 2012

An upcoming documentary with a very powerful message:

The LHC just blew up the Universe

| 15. Dezember 2011

Actually, it did not, in case you did not notice. Inspired by Symphony of Science (see below) I dug around for the videos containing the lyrics. One particular enlightning one I discovered in the process is this presentation by Brian Cox: Beautiful! I say this again: Education was fashionable during the reign of Victoria and […]

Excuse me mankind, how about a reality check?

| 18. August 2011

This is a non-steapunk update, this is a rant. Did I miss the memo or what is going on here? According to my latest information, the category of creatures called demons are complete and utter fabrications. They are nothing more and nothing less then a form given to our primal fears. These forms were later […]