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The Edwardian Ball 2014

| 7. Februar 2014

This year yet again, the Edwardian ball is being hosted in Los Angeles, on February 8th, i.e. tomorrow. I am sorry I was not able to report this earlier, but maybe one or the other of you can still make it. In any case, enjoy the video: Also, you can find out more on the […]

This Sunday: Edwardian Ball 2012

| 17. Februar 2012

The esteemed Mark Day dropped me a note this morning, well, just about midmight his time, I think.  In it, he informed me the renowned Edwardian Ball is just about to happen once again! In his own words: Steam-punk goggles and relentless corsetry ahoy! It’s the Edwardian Ball, 2012, at San Francisco’s historic Regency Ballroom, […]

Edwardian Ball Los Angeles 2011

| 20. April 2011

Does this not look great? I really envy the United States (or the whole of North America for that matter) their rather active scene. Right now, the scene is picking up steam here in Europe, too, but it is still a far cry from all that is going on o the other side of the […]