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Review: Steel Dominance by Cari Silverwood

| 23. Juni 2013

Alas, the final review for the Steamwork Chronicles, Steel Dominance is the final installment of the mini-series. So many loose threads, such a world to explore… The world building really picks up a notch with this novel and Steamwork Chronicle’s Earth becomes much more real since we learn a lot about its history and political […]

Review: Carnal Machines – Steampunk Erotica

| 22. April 2011

Steampunk Erotica is a part of Steampunk fiction I have thus far only encountered on the website SteamyPunk. I did not really enjoy what I read there back then, when the site was pointed out to me. So recently, I received an email with the following press release: Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica Edited by D.L. […]

Possibly rated R

| 11. April 2010

Right, I have encountered a possibly airship-pirate related image on the web, which very possibly is not quite suitable for all viewers. So today I sway a little from the realm of Steampunk into the Realm of Steamy Punk… Readers discretion and caution is advised. Proceed at your own risk!