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Review: Escape the Clouds – Moments EP

| 19. März 2014

The fifth longplayer by Escape the Clouds, and this one is a little bit different; it is purely instrumental and it is also regrettably short, only six tracks all in all. The content of the EP can be described rather adequately by one sentence: The joy of air travel distilled into music. I am aware […]

Escape the Clouds – Every Storm has an End

| 25. September 2012

Not only a great song, but this video is a work of art, too:

Review: Escape the Clouds – Circumnavigator

| 30. Dezember 2011

Before I begin the review, I want to mention I have two reviews of albums by Escape the Clouds. One is Circumnavigator, reviewed here, the other is Until the End. The latter will be reviewed on my German Steampunk blog. If you do not read German, there is a short note at the bottom of […]