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A fashion statement

| 16. Januar 2012

Well, I guess this picture says it all. For some reason the well-dressed gentleman has become a rarity.

Steampunk Apparel Sale!

| 19. August 2011

We interrupt our regular program for a quick commercial break: My friend Anda, I featured her before, is having a sale at her Etsy shop, over here. Just let me quickly remind you of the quality of her work with a few exampes of her craftswomanship: Right now, she is hosting a clear-out sale to […]

Latvian Steampunk Fashion

| 19. Juli 2011

Once again I can rejoice in the fact of Steampunk being an international phenomenon. This time I may introduce you to a Steampunk fashion designer from Latvia, Anda Masque. I am delighted she got in touch with me. I am always looking for signs of the Steampunk subculture in the less obvious places, and I […]

The Cute Side of Steampunk I:T-Shirt by Mighty Fine

| 20. Mai 2011

Another thing I got via æthermail. The people at Mighty Fine have released a really cute Steampunk-themed t-shirt: It’s a bit like Hello Kitty, isn’t it? Really sweet. Also, it is really charming that this t-shirt is not all cogs and airship pirates but rather on the lighthearted, casual side of Steampunk. It […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 15

| 8. November 2010

A little late this time, the November issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette: Rather fittingly, this November issue is all about spooky subjects, after all, it is the season of the witch… Most interresting, though, I find the essay about feminism in Steampunk. The first example of gender sudies related to the subject I have […]

Thank Gods for Military Dieselpunk Gear

| 19. Oktober 2010

Thank the Gods (especially Cthulhu) for Army Surplus stores, seriously. Most of the stuff you get there is durable and reasonably priced. With a little looking around and the right combination you can get quite the Dielsepunk look. Most of the stuff is machine-washable and dries reasonably quickly. The third point has recently become increasingly […]

Deep Ones and The Clockwork Man

| 17. Oktober 2010

While actually not looking for fashion, I came across a company by the name of The Affair which trades in t-shirts. But to say they trade in t-shirts  and leave it at that would be like saying Terry Pratchett writes nice books or H.P. Lovecraft was a horror writer of some note. In other words, […]

For the discerning Steampunk Lady

| 10. Oktober 2010

Although James Brown famously sang “It’s a man’s world”, there are certain areas where being female is definitely of advantage. One of those areas is fashion. No matter whether I browse the ætherweb in general searching for Steampunk gear or go to more specialised sites like Etsy, the choice for humans of the male persuasion […]

Weather Noir

| 27. August 2010

I like summer, it is my favourite time of the year. Right now, it seems that summer in Germany is coming to an end. This year’s summer has been rather wierd. First it was rather cool, then it was really hot and finally it was rather rainy. Right now it seems like the first autumnal […]

Abney Park delivered today

| 1. Juni 2010

Ah, another great day in the life of a Steampunk. The H.M.S. Ophelia made a pass over my house today and delivered a lovely pair of Jodhpurs, which I am wearing right now. The familial developments are advancing and I can now foresee a time when I will no longer be able to do daily […]