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Help Victor Sierra make it to the Steampunk World Fair

| 8. April 2014

Victor Sierra needs your help! Help us bring our act to the States! In 2012 we saw the very best of welcomes for us at The Steampunk World’s Fair. The enthusiasm with which we were greeted led us to a fantastical acceleration of creativity. We didn’t plan to release a second album (Yesterday’s Tomorrow) so […]

Abney Park European Tour – Help them to get to Paris!

| 23. Februar 2014

The Barcelona event of the Abney Park European tour was successfully crowd-funded, now the French Steampunks have banded together to get Abney Park to Paris. For this reason, they have started a fundraiser at Kiskisbankbank, a dedicated French site. But do not worry, it is available in other languages, too. The link below contains all […]

The Conclusion of the Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai Fundraiser

| 14. Januar 2013

All right. The fundraiser has concluded, and although we did not reach the goal of raising 500$, at least we managed to raise more than 100$ and since every little helps. We did a good job. Eben more important, we had donors from all over the world, from Down Under, to The Old World to […]

The last week of the Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser – Please donate!

| 8. Januar 2013

The Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser is almost over and there is still a lot of way to go to the target-amount of 500 $ which will be donated to the DIL Trust. I am in contact with some members of the board of the DIL Trust and I will of course publish the money-transfer […]

Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser – back online

| 7. November 2012

When I was informed by IndieGoGo they had blocked my account because of unusual activities, I first feared some Taliban-affiliated hacker had tempered with it. My fears were unfounded, luckily. The true reason why my account was blocked and the fundraiser for Malala Yousafzai (please click and take a look) taken offline was: IndieGoGo wanted […]

Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser! Spread the word!

| 15. Oktober 2012

OK, it is good if we all send get-well-soon wishes to Malala who is currently treated in the UK, but it is even better if we pick up her torch and see to it that girls in Pakistan get an education. This is the reason why I created the Steampunks for Malala Yousafzai fundraiser. Find […]

The Aether Dancer Steampunk OS Project needs you!

| 15. Juni 2012

Want to see Captain Ivanova a.k.a. Claudia Christian take the helm of an airship? Me, too! All we have to do now is stick together and get this epic project on the road: Support Aether Dancer!

The European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser! Help! 20 Days left!

| 17. April 2012

The fundraiser for the European Steampunk Convention has less than 20 days left and there is still a long way to go. To be fair, we overestimated the amount of money we needed, but not by a lot. Right now, though, paying for the goodies will eat up the money we have collected, leaving us […]

The European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser

| 13. Februar 2012

At long last, the video contributions by Steampunks all across Europe have been brought together and the promotional video for the European Steampunk Convention is complete. The fund raiser has started. Please consider giving your support to this epic project and help make it a very memorable event in deed!