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Good Friends And Mindblowing Games

| 22. Oktober 2011

Yesterday, an old friend who happened to be in the area payed my little family a visit. Time was once again far too short… Ah well, there will be another CaveCon and we will surely meet again. The reason I am telling you this: He brought my attention to Guild Wars 2, and MMO I […]

On Roleplaying, Steampunk and otherwise

| 4. März 2011

As the regular reader of my blog might know, I am a role player. I have been for the last 22 years (23, come to think of it). I have played most of the popular systems and some more obscure ones.Role playing games changed my life. Really. I was stuck in a bank after school, […]

Review: Riese: Battle for Eleysia

| 20. November 2010

As promised, here is my review of Riese: Battle for Eleysia, the official Riese: Kingdom Falling iPhone/iPod Touch game. Where shall I start? I have been waiting for a Riese: Kingdom Falling game ever since the series first premiered as Riese the Series on Youtube, back in the day… Then, after Ryan Copple sent the […]

A Steampunk Game in the early Stages

| 28. September 2010

Just yesterday I was contacted by Mister Joel Carlson, asking whether I could feature the Steampunk game he is developing on my blog. SInce you are now reading this article, you can probably guess the answer… The game in question is The central character, Dusty Sprocket, is the sheriff in a sleepy little town where […]

Steampunk Alice

| 30. Juli 2010

After posting the article on Sucker Punch, I suddenly remembered this weird-victorianesque computer game American McGee’s Alice, I played it some time in 2000: Just look at the graphics, they were state of the art back then but they look, well, outdated now. Anyway, I was quite surprised and pleased to find out a sequel […]

More Art from Iron Grip: Marauders

| 30. Juni 2010

Ah, so beautiful! I really cannot wait until Iron Grip: Marauders finally goes online. The artwork alone: Massive Steampunk warmachines! Epic! My only regret (well, not really regret) is, I will not really have time to play. If all goes well, I will be a father six weeks from today but this will not be […]

Abney Park delivered today

| 1. Juni 2010

Ah, another great day in the life of a Steampunk. The H.M.S. Ophelia made a pass over my house today and delivered a lovely pair of Jodhpurs, which I am wearing right now. The familial developments are advancing and I can now foresee a time when I will no longer be able to do daily […]


| 31. Mai 2010

Hello my dear readers. I have a little competition for you today. I have posted about the game AQUA on several occasions, now I have a free download code to give away. The game was offered to me but since I do not have an XBox one of you gets lucky. OK, there are two […]

Iron Grip: Marauders – Martial Artwork

| 20. Mai 2010

After yesterday’s lengthy response (actually, it is more than twice the length of the original essay), I guess it’s time for a short post and some artwork again. The artwork fits yesterday’s article quite nicely since the ethetics behind it are rather obvious, I think. The soldier in the middle has elements of a Landsknecht […]

Steampunk for your lunchbreak

| 16. Mai 2010

Kudos to Timo for once again for pointing me towards a most excellent piece of Steampun entertainment on the ætheweb: Guns of Icarus This is a nifty little game where you have to defend your Zeppelin agains sky pirates. I have only tried the free version thus far but it is tremendous steampunky fun already. […]