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Happy Halloween everybody and Iä!

| 31. Oktober 2011

Halloween is upon us and for this reason I am blatantly going to steal my friend Hilde’s design she posted over at the Gatehouse blog, but before, here comes the cultist: Halloween is, according to the holy and wholesome writ of the Great Prophet Howard, one of the most important festivals of the Cult of […]

Fun Friday – Furry Edition

| 26. August 2011

Who would have thought it… I am posting an update concerning Steampunk and Furries… The ætherweb really has information on everything… Well, I asked for information about Steampunk and Furries, in case someone could prove me wrong on my previous assertion that there is not too much overlap and guess what happened? The esteemed Mr. […]

Abe Lincoln with Assault Rifle on Grizzly

| 16. August 2011

Personally  I think the politicans of the recent decades lack a certain something. But then maybe the presidents we consider heroic and badass today were just regular guys and acquired an aura of the superhuman through the course of history. Well, recently I came across the marvelous artwork of SharpWriter on DeviantArt and  he has […]

Steampunk Visuals – Various Formats

| 26. Juni 2011

I have to apologize to everybody who sends æthermails with recomendations for stuff I could / should feature here. I read them all, I have a rather large list but I seldom have the time these days to take a good look at i.e. the blogs and other ætherweb sites I get pointed to. Do […]

Steampunk Strategy Game Download Code Raffle!

| 19. Juni 2011

Hello everybody. It is already a while back I featured the most excellent Steampunk naval action game Naval Warfare. Quite fittingly, this high-powered, action packed gem has found its way to Steam and is available for download there. And what will be of interest for my esteemed readers: I am in posession of three download […]

TGIF and Fun on Friday

| 10. Juni 2011

Well, it has been a while since I stated this but today I exclaim: TGIF! And since we all need to have a laugh once in a while I thought I share this little geeky gem with you: Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo. Yes, some role players out there have far too […]

Geek Overkill: Zelda meets Tesla

| 28. Mai 2011

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic, beloved and bestselling video games of all time. I have myself guided Link in various incarnations through a number of adventures. My first encounter was in 1988 during a student exchange in St. Paul, MN. Now, geek interests often overlap. You get game geeks who […]

Clockwork Steampunk Pacman

| 7. April 2011

Yes, even classic video games from the paleolithic period of electronic entertainment are not save from Steampunks turning them into clockwork devices, as the following video adequately demonstrates: The Pactuator: a clockwork Pac-Man from Jonathan M. Guberman on Vimeo. Very intersting. I would have liked it even better if a ghost would have swooped in […]

Mucha meets BioShock

| 15. März 2011

Strange amalgamations are a feature of Steampunk, so are elements of Art Nouveau. Now I have happened upon this image: Outstanding! This is the kind of game-cover, Alphonse Mucha would have created, I am sure! A thought comes to mind, would this not be some sort of dream team: Mucha doing the cover and bookled […]

On Roleplaying, Steampunk and otherwise

| 4. März 2011

As the regular reader of my blog might know, I am a role player. I have been for the last 22 years (23, come to think of it). I have played most of the popular systems and some more obscure ones.Role playing games changed my life. Really. I was stuck in a bank after school, […]