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5 Years of Excellence – The Smoking Lounge

| 8. Januar 2013

Five years ago today, the Smoking Lounge was founded. This forum is the birthplace of the famed Gatehouse Gazette, and the place where I started seriously interacting with other Steampunks. I have also made some real friends there and remain a contributor to the blog, the forum and the (now sporadically published) Gatehouse Gazette. Happy […]

Gatehouse Gazette #22 is out!

| 6. August 2012

You thought the Gatehouse Gazette was done? Far from it! Although the regular releases have (thus far) ceased, we are still working in our secret laboratories on new editions. So, it is with great joy I can point your eyes and clicks on the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette, number 22! To use the […]

Photo Shoot Follow-Up and Good News

| 6. Juni 2012

Just a quick update concerning the photo shoot last Sunday. A part of the photos taken can now be admired here, together with a brief interview with yours truly. And in completely unrelated news: There will be another issue of the famed Gatehouse Gazette! I just got an  æthermail from our beloved Benevolent Dictator regarding […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 21

| 2. November 2011

21, half the meaning of life, the universe and everything, that is a lot of wisdom already, don’t you think. Well, it is also the final issue of the regular run of the Gatehouse Gazette. For the foreseeable future, there will be no more regular bi-monthly issues of this magazine. The torch will keep on […]

Ghostfire – More Great Music

| 19. September 2011

Admittedly, it is getting harder and harder to impress me when it comes to steampunk related music. After being honoured with reviewing such notable works like Steampowered Stories by The Cog is Dead and the works of Abney Park and Veronique Chevalier in general I am always a bit worried I could get my hands […]

The Gatehouse Gazette Issue 20

| 2. September 2011

So here it is, issue 20 of the Gatehouse Gazette. This one is dedicated to the 1930s, the decade which brought forth the best designs in art, technology, fashion and architecture. Well, at least as far as my personal tastes are concerned. Art Deco and 1930s fashion are two aspects of the 30s I find […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 19 released

| 19. Juli 2011

Who would have thought it… Just one more issue and we are 1/5th of the way to 100 issues. So, today, with a slight delay, issue 19 of the famed Gatehouse Gazette was released and the topic is Summer, quite fittingly. It is also the third anniversary issue of the Gatehouse Gazette. I particularly recommend […]

Gatehouse Gazette 18 – Living Steampunk

| 3. Mai 2011

The latest issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette is out and this time it is all about the Steampunk Way of Life The Gatehouse Gazette is “living steampunk” this issue with fashion, lifestyle and home decor. If you ever wondered how to steampunk your life, this issue should be an excellent guide. I think Hilde’s […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 16: It’s a Weird West

| 2. Januar 2011

The first issue of the Gatehouse Gazette in 2011 is out and what a remarkable issue it is. This issues theme is “Weird West” and the cover alone puts you in the mood. Pulp Western, excellent! I have to commend Nick on the whole layout and feel of this issue. The pulp magazine style runs […]

This time it’s war

| 1. September 2010

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 14 has been released today and its topic is once more on the serious side: War In it you will find tips for the military Steampunk look, observations concerning technologies coming out of wars and which changed all our lives in a positive way. Apart from war-themed essays, there is obviously more. […]