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Love is a Grave – A Victorian Gothic Short Film

| 5. September 2014

A few days ago, I was contacted via the Facebook page and a short movie was pointed out to me: Love is a Grave Love is a Grave – a short film by Tim Stevens from Tim Stevens on Vimeo. Tim Stevens has this to say about his short subject: Love is a Grave was […]

Progress – A Gothic Steampunk Webseries

| 5. Oktober 2013

May I point your esteemed attention to this brand-new Steampunk/Gothic webseries: Progress Progress is a ten episode webseries, set in an alternative Victorian England, which has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the same. It’s a Holmes-esque cyber-thriller and a game of riddles to decipher the identity of the […]

Sesja fotograficzna WINTER STEAM – WINTER STEAM photo session

| 23. Januar 2012

Witajcie moi przyjaciele z Polski, tutaj jest sesja zdjeciowa na która moglibyscie sie udaς! And since my mastery of the Polish language has not improved much, I continue in English 😉 My friend Ana, she guest-posted here earlier,  is organising a photoshoot. I would love to go there myself, alas, although our respective countries of […]

Steampunk Poland – Pierwsze sprawozdanie

| 30. August 2011

Right, I did not expect to get a response so quickly but this only increases my joy. Today Daily Steampunk welcomes the first Polish and first female guest blogger, Anna from Warsaw who responded to my call for contributions from Polish Steampunks. Even better, there may be a second opinion on the matter coming up, […]

Dark Electro with a touch of Steampunk

| 7. September 2010

This is really another one of those emergency aricles and it is harking back to something I wanted to post a while ago and did not really get around to. Anyway, In Strict Confidence, a German Dark Electro band, released an album in 2010, with the following cover (thanks, Timo, for sending the link to […]

The WGT 2008: Fourth and final disjunct episode (the steampunk’s steam runs out)

| 9. Juli 2008

Just a few words to sum up the other things. My wife and me met with friends of ours at the Riquet, which looks like this: And is an excellent place to have a really good and enjoyable cup of coffee, the whole setting is quite steampunk, which in this case is incidental, target time-frame […]