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A note on Steampunk accessories

| 31. Oktober 2013

It just occurred to me, I have not done a fashion-related article in a while, so I thought I write a little something about the fashion accessory most popularly connected to the Steampunk scene: Goggles. Personally, I have a most splendid source of hand-crafted goggles and to be more specific, steampunk monocles. My friend Mattia […]

Happy Halloween everybody and Iä!

| 31. Oktober 2011

Halloween is upon us and for this reason I am blatantly going to steal my friend Hilde’s design she posted over at the Gatehouse blog, but before, here comes the cultist: Halloween is, according to the holy and wholesome writ of the Great Prophet Howard, one of the most important festivals of the Cult of […]

The fog is creeping in

| 7. Oktober 2011

The mists are gathering outside, the sun is setting early, summer has passed (although it made a strong final effort the last weeks around here). Now it is time tio get the pumpkin carvers out and get ready for everybody’s favourite pagan holiday: Halloween. And if you want to steampunk your house or laboratory or […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 15

| 8. November 2010

A little late this time, the November issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette: Rather fittingly, this November issue is all about spooky subjects, after all, it is the season of the witch… Most interresting, though, I find the essay about feminism in Steampunk. The first example of gender sudies related to the subject I have […]

The Steampunk Drilling Machine

| 2. November 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, through the combined efforts of the Steampunk community and other honorable citizens, Peter Montgomery was able to complete his epic Steampunk Halloween Project. This is, the finished thing: And here are the vital stats: 7 feet in diameter Total length is 25 feet Drill bit is 11 1/2 feet long by itself […]

Only 10 more days for the Halloween Steampunk Project

| 3. Oktober 2010

I just wanted to call your attention again to the following project: Please people, rally to this cause! We are almost there! The goal is in our sight!

Awesome Steampunk Halloween Project

| 24. September 2010

Sometimes you have to do something for your readers and I think, the endevour I will describe here now is well worth making public: Mr. Peter Montgomery wants to do something special this Halloween, he wants to put something in his yard that will, upon completion look something like this: And, Mr. Montgomery is no […]