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Review: Babymetal – Babymetal

| 6. März 2014

Three Japanese teenage girls making heavy metal music, if this scenario sounds weird to you, well, it sounded weird to me when I was first introduced to the band a few months ago. Just a bit of background on the band: Babymetal is a constructed band, the members are all part of the Sakura Gakuin […]

Poison Garden – Italian Steampunk Metal

| 23. September 2013

The ætherweb is such a great thing, its waves keep washing endless material to publish on the shores of the diverse sites I use to mingle with my fellow Steampunks, and it was thus I came across this band: Poison Garden (official website) They are a young band, formed in 2012 and they have released […]

A Forest of Stars – Amazing Steampunk Metal Video

| 21. Juli 2012

Please enjoy this visual and auditory gem: And when you are done, please be so kind and visit their most intriguing website: A Forest of Stars But bring some time. The site is rather unique and it takes an inquisitive mind to discover all the little hidden things.

Steampunk Compatible Music and Birthdays

| 17. August 2010

Already a while back, there was a thread on the Brassgoggles Forum, where we discussed Steampunk Music, music we would like to see, that is, hear, in a Steampunk context and the music we were listening to in general. In this thread, a few participants, including myself, agreed, that Steampunk was missing a band with […]