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Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen

| 22. Oktober 2014

The perfect place for the cultist family dinner, or take-away, if you have been chasing those pesky investigators all evening and there is no more time to cook (for) your loved ones! Mmmmmmh! Tasty tentacle topping!

Zombiscuits – For your friendly neighbourhood Zombies

| 5. Juni 2012

Do you know this problem: You really like your friendly neighbourhood zombies. They do not give you grief, you do not give them grief, but still, they are just mindless shambling corpse. Loveable but mindless. Every now and then, some will be bound to lurch unto your porch? What do you do then? Try Zombiscuits! […]

Advice for Voyagers in Spacetime

| 6. März 2012

Yes, those two should not be confused. It could lead to a broken keyboard (because you shot it). Even worse: You could get shot because you keep compulsively hitting your table and the more dubious patrons in the bar find you irritating. So, keep that in mind next time you go on a trans-dimensional spacetime […]

The Truth (nothing steampunk)

| 2. Januar 2012

I know it was nothing like this, still, would it not be awesome… See you at the next failed Armageddon prediction!

Lincoln had a Time Travel App

| 30. Dezember 2011

This image is proof enough… The people at Apple are true technomages. I did not think the IPhone was capable of this feat.

Tintin vs Cthulhu

| 12. September 2011

There is something I have in common with Wilbur Waitley, I have a twin brother. As the same has said, we are both very much like our father and this is another Lovecraftian inside joke. Anyway, my dear brother has brought my attention to a hilarious mash-up between the Cthulhu Mythos and Tintin, the much […]

Reichsflugscheibe and Zeppelin

| 8. August 2011

I really dislike people faking photographs and pretending things happened that actually never did. I mean, just  look at this one: There are several things wrong with this picture: Obviously, the shadow the Reichsflugscheibe is casting is far too small. The propulsion system of the Reichsflugscheibe would never had allowed it to get that close […]

Dieselpunk Humor

| 18. Juli 2011

I personally believe British humour is the best in the world. Bitish comedians have the broadest range of subjects they tackle, the least hear of tackling “dangerous” subjects and they are also not afraid of (in the words of Sergeant Fred Colon of the Ankh-Morpork City Guard) “Extracting the Urin” off themselves. Thus, quite a […]

The Movie Monster Talent Agency

| 31. Mai 2011

I always wondered where Hollywood got the monster film stars. Thanks to the ætherweb, this question has been answered. There is a talent agency, little known outside the industry, specializing in casting monsters for various movies. The United Monster Talent Agency: THE UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY – Greg Nicotero von davehouseofhorrors Well, I think they […]

And today’s random image is

| 16. Mai 2011

Good thing the Allies had Snow Speeders, since the Wehrmacht had AT-ATs, oh my I guess there is a brilliant Youtube video somewhere in this image: This reminds me: There is a photo somewhere on the ætherweb of a TIE bomber attacking… USS Essex I guess it was (but don’t quote me on that one). […]