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TRIP TO THE MOON – A Short Steampunk Film

| 16. Juli 2014

Here is another project worth your consideration: Trip to the Moon, a short film in the spirit of the timeless classic Le Voyage dans la Lune. The gentleman and cinematographer Brian M. Finn has this to say about his project:   Trip to the Moon is an action based sci-fi short film that mixes the charm of […]

“The Colour out of Space” and “The Dreamlands” – Support the Project!

| 1. Mai 2014

For a very limited time, until May 5th the adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s tale The Colour out of Space is available to watch for free on Youtube, use your chance:   This is in support of the director’s (Huan Vu) next project: The Dreamlands Yes, you got that one right, Huan Vu is working on […]

Fight alongside Batman! Do it!

| 16. April 2013

I guess I am not the only one here who dreamt of fighting along one superhero or another. Well, as it turns out, we all have the chance to join Batman’s team in a fight for a better world. As of today, I have joined the team and I urge every single one of you […]

The Coppelia Project – Four Dancing Robot Ballerinas – SUPPORT IT!

| 19. März 2013

The fusion of modern technology and art is something I think is found too rarely. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and art is something even rarer, so it is with great pleasure I present the Coppelia Project to you, yes, an ensemble of robot ballerinas will be created! Why make robot ballerinas? Well, lots of […]

Support Victor Sierra’s New Album Fundraiser

| 15. Februar 2013

Victor Sierra, in my humble opinion continental Europe’s supreme Steampunk band is working on another album, and they need our help. After all, maintaining an airship like the Hydrogen Queen is expensive. In their own words: What We Need: We’re planning to release a new album in May 2013, but we need: Equipment… Cogs…Hydrogen…Steam…Fabric…Lead (to […]

The Aether Dancer Steampunk OS Project needs you!

| 15. Juni 2012

Want to see Captain Ivanova a.k.a. Claudia Christian take the helm of an airship? Me, too! All we have to do now is stick together and get this epic project on the road: Support Aether Dancer!

Claudia Christian Goes Steampunk

| 12. Juni 2011

Remember Claudia Christian a.k.a. Commander Ivanova of Babylon 5? She is now involved in a Steampunk project. Yes, you got that right. Another Sci-Fi icon has picked up the Steampunk banner. The project in question is Æther Dancer, an independent production by a crew based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But there is one catch: Since […]