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Iron Sky The Coming Race – Teaser #1 (Official)

| 7. November 2014

It has run the course of the usual channels already, but it would be highly dishonourable not to share this wonderful trailer here as well: And to be honest, if Iron Sky – The Coming Race is actually a well-disguised documentary, it would explain an awful lot! Also, the faster we raise funds for this […]

Kaiti Kink Ensemble – Under The Iron Sky

| 1. August 2012

Not officially by Iron Sky, but approved by Iron Sky: And so wonderfully noir!

Iron Sky: Plans for a Prequel and a Sequel!

| 20. Mai 2012

Now is this not fantastic news. According to Screendaily, Taro Kaukomaa, the producer of Iron Sky has confirmed there will be a prequel and a sequel to Iron Sky, the most expensive and impressive movie ever to come out of Finland. Right now, there appear to be only plans, since Mr Kaukomaa declined to give […]

Iron Sky Review – Watch this Movie!

| 6. April 2012

At long last I got the chance to see the movie with the most effective and successful viral marketing and crowd funding campaign ever. Iron Sky – Space Nazis from the Moon on a mission to conquer the Earth. And now I have to come up with a review and not put too many spoilers […]

Nazi Ponies from the Dark Side of the Moon

| 5. März 2012

I knew it, I always knew it. There was always something intrinsically evil about this whole My Little Pony franchise. They have always been in on this grand secret plot, hatched at Luftflottenstützpunkt Neu Schwabenland in 1945:

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer

| 8. Februar 2012

Do I need to say more? The great moment is almost upon us!

Iron Sky premiers at the Berlinale

| 26. Januar 2012

And hopefully, there will be a full-fledged release in selected theaters across Europe, followed by a Collector’s Edition DVD!    

Fun with Evil Germans: How to do it right

| 13. Oktober 2011

Just three posts ago, I was ranting about Germans being once again used as the stupid default villain, specifically as Nazis-in-disguise. Now, the thing that annoys me about this is the trope-whoring. No matter what the historical setting is, there is always something Nazi-esque about the Germans. I wonder when I will get my hands […]

Reichsflugscheibe and Zeppelin

| 8. August 2011

I really dislike people faking photographs and pretending things happened that actually never did. I mean, just  look at this one: There are several things wrong with this picture: Obviously, the shadow the Reichsflugscheibe is casting is far too small. The propulsion system of the Reichsflugscheibe would never had allowed it to get that close […]