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Josh Kinsey Strikes Again – Geekie Awards

| 5. Oktober 2014

Wow! I think few people have been featured on this blog as often as my friend Joshua Kinsey. This is the fourth time I feature him, and this time it is two videos and a journal article. So, here is the first video in which Master Craftsman Kinsey talks about his art, a pleasure to […]

J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice – Third feature

| 14. April 2013

Now this is a first. To be more precise, this is the first time a website gets featured three times, but J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice truly deserves it. Mr. Kinsey is a master craftsman, creating one wonderful artifact after another, so it is with great pleasure I present the following gallery o his latest inventions (and a portrait […]

Another Treasured Artifact by J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice

| 7. März 2012

This is already the third time I feature devices created by J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice on this blog. The first is here, the second here. Now, the master of Steampunk Lamp Designs has yet again send me another one of his creations: The Tessaquinary   So beautiful… One of these days, I have to plunder my savings […]