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Steampunk LEGO A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

| 30. September 2014

It has been a very long time since I have been this excited about an upcoming book, but this one deserves all the excitement I can muster: Steampunk LEGO – A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO Yes, the excellent scribes, researchers and scholars at No Starch Press are releasing a book with all […]

STEAMPUNK – A Lego Stop Motion movie

| 19. Februar 2014

For your viewing pleasure, yet another example Steampunk and Lego go very well together:    

Epic Win Dieselpunk Lego

| 15. Januar 2011

Lego is such an awesome toyline. You may remember my previous happy ramblings about the inherent steampunkness of Lego. Well, there are also some rather epic Dieselpunk constructions out there. During one of my excursions into the realm of conspiracies, I happened upon an image which instantly filled my heart with delight. Since I am […]

The inherent Steampunkness of LEGO

| 20. Juni 2010

Who would have thought it, there seems to be an inherent Steampunkness in LEGO. The more I dive through the waves of the ætherweb looking for things Steampunk, the more LEGO creeps up. There are several posts on this blog dealing with various Steampunk and Dieselpunk LEGO incarnations, the latest being Save the Croissants. Now, […]

Crazy Lego Steampunk Goodness

| 8. März 2010

I am returning to the subject of Steampunk themed Lego, take a look at this contraption: Is this not a beautiful piece of art… Well, under other circumstances I would have cursed my fate of having been bornt to late to have proper time to play with something like this model. But: The fates have […]