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Dimensions – Looks like a Jewel

| 17. Februar 2012

I just came across this beautiful trailer:     It seems there is some time travel and/or alternate reality involved in this story, maybe it is just something imagined by one of the characters, who can say? In any case, this looks like a hidden jewel of a movie. Anchored in classic Dieselpunk time, a […]

Cinematography to enjoy in 2012

| 4. Januar 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, 2012 offers quite a number of cinematographic events every Steampunk or connoisseur of related esthetics can enjoy. From the macabre and tragic, to the unappologetic weird the silver screen has a lot to offer in 2012. First on the list, a gothic ghost story starring Daniel Radcliffe. It has been rather quiet […]

The Mercury Men

| 15. September 2011

My good friend Timo just brought this little ætherweb gem to my attention: The Mercury Men   Good job I mentioned Atompunk just two days ago, this fits the bill, somewhat. The Mercury Men is quite a cool mix and new take on several genres. Jack Yaeger looks and acts like a pulp novel hero […]

Interview with Luca Cerlini, director of THE TECHNICIAN

| 13. Juli 2011

A few weeks back I posted the trailer of a splendid Steampunk movie from Italy here: The Technician. Here’s the trailer again: I got in touch with Luca Cerlini, the director and asked if he would be willing to give me an interview. He responded rather enthusiastically and it is with great pleasure I present […]

The Three Musketeers and Airships

| 30. Juni 2011

Mon Dieu! I wonder if Monsieur Dumas is turning in his grave right now or having a hearty chuckle somewhere on the other side. As you may have heard, Dumas’ most famous novel, The Three Musketeers has been turned into a movie yet again. This time it is a little… Different. How exactly? Well, since […]

Claudia Christian Goes Steampunk

| 12. Juni 2011

Remember Claudia Christian a.k.a. Commander Ivanova of Babylon 5? She is now involved in a Steampunk project. Yes, you got that right. Another Sci-Fi icon has picked up the Steampunk banner. The project in question is Æther Dancer, an independent production by a crew based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But there is one catch: Since […]

The Technician – Italian Steampunk Movie

| 9. Juni 2011

My friends from the Vienna Steampunk Pub Moot have made the following discovery: Yes, it is an Italian Steampunk movie! I wonder if this is going to be a full length feature or something short… Hmmm… I guess I should put myself on the trail of the team behind The Technician. Oh, this is so […]

An important point – Steampunk style

| 27. März 2011

I hope you are aware that slavery is still a very real problem on this planet in the 21st century. What’s even worse, there is quite a trade going on trafficking children. Children are trafficked for the explicit puposes of forced labour, prostitution and other forms of exploitation. To raise awareness for this unbearable situation, […]

Things are taking shape

| 15. Februar 2011

When I started this blog more than two years ago, I did not even know whether or not there were any other active Steampunks here in Germany. Then it seemed like southern Germany was pretty devoid of Steampunks and now things are moving quite fast and the community is taking shape. First of all, Cthulhu […]

H.G. Wells Time Machine: The Steampunk Project

| 17. Januar 2011

In 1960, the first time machine movie was released, I love that movie, always have. To this day, it remains my favourite adaption of H.G. Wells’ classic tale. Then in 2002 another adaption hit the silver screen. Looking back now, I was fortunate enough not to spend money on seeing it in the cinema. I […]