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Steampunk Odin – Why is there an affinity for Norse Gods and Steampunk?

| 6. Mai 2014

First, the picture: This is, according to the artist 3dsquid, a Steampunk version of Odin, he is from the Philippines, so I will not scold him for missing a crucial ocular detail here… Now, there seems to be a certain tendency to steampunk-up Norse gods, I have previously (in 2009, oh my gods…) posted an […]

Steampunk Torah – The Interview

| 8. Juni 2011

Today is Shavuot, the day God, according to Jewish tradition, gave the Torah to his people assembled at Mount Sinai. Now this was a long time ago and according to common wisdom, Judaism has not changed much… Well, think again. There is a rather active modern Jewish community on the ætherweb and in the world […]

Saturday of Neil Gaiman Week

| 12. Juni 2010

Well, this is the second to last day of Neil Gaiman Week and it hurts to know that I will not be able at all to fit all the stuff in I originally wanted to do. There is simply too much great stuff around to cover in one week. Oh well, the review of American […]

More Steampunk Mythology

| 25. März 2010

As it seems, the Norse Pantheon is a favourite with Steampunk inspired artists: Odin’s Final Battle by ~3dsquid on deviantART I did not find a Steampunk Zeus. If anyone finds depictions of members of other pantheons, please let me know!

Steampunk Mythology

| 22. März 2010

A few months back I posted an image of a Steampunk Thor on this blog. As it seems, I may well be able to assemble a complete pantheon of steampunked gods and heroes on this blog. As you may have guessed, I found another image taken from Earth’s mythology and given a steampunk make-over. In […]