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Happy Airkraken and Saint Patrick’s Day

| 17. März 2013

You know what to do today: Get sloshed on Absinth! It is green, very Steampunk and when you drink enough, Great Cthulhu will visit you in your dreams.

German Steampunk Crowdfunding Project

| 29. November 2012

Even though this part of the blog is not directly targeted at the German Steampunk crowd, it is targeted at the international crowd, I do not want to withhold this project from you: The most excellent gentleman Mr. Olaf Heitmann has started a splendid crowd funding project concerning an illustrated guide to Steampunk, a German […]

More Paranormal Activity

| 25. Oktober 2012

It appears I have stumbled upon a veritable hotspot of paranormal activity. After yesterday’s encounter with the zombies, I now made this snap-shot of a UFO. As you can see, it is about to take off. My guess is, it is returning to Ceta Reticuli. I would not be surprized if this UFO has something […]

Zombies in the mist

| 24. Oktober 2012

Photographic evidence of zombie activity around these parts.

Podcast: The Non-Euclidean Æthercast Vol. 2

| 4. Juni 2012

Here it is, the second installment of my podcast, the Non-Euclidean Æthercast: Nomad Dakini Design (Annika Lundkvist) Lust Plague by Cari Silverwood Iron Dominance by Cari Silverwood and the review.   And this is one of the photos taken during the photo shoot, this is actually me. I used this one because I do not […]

Steampunk Photoshoot Metaphotography

| 3. Juni 2012

Long story short: We had a great photoshoot going today, and our thanks go to Annika Lundkvist of Nomad Dakini Design who made this such a fun event! There is more to come but for now, here is a photo of the photoshoot: Not much to see here, I know… Muahahaha!

The Illuminati have gone underground

| 15. Mai 2012

Everybody who knows anything about the Illuminati (especially if your primary source of information is the noted scholar Dan Brown), knows, they are a secretive organization. They are pretty much underground. How deep underground they really are has thus far been a matter of speculation. Up until now. Believe me, it took quite some effort […]

Sesja fotograficzna WINTER STEAM – WINTER STEAM photo session

| 23. Januar 2012

Witajcie moi przyjaciele z Polski, tutaj jest sesja zdjeciowa na która moglibyscie sie udaς! And since my mastery of the Polish language has not improved much, I continue in English 😉 My friend Ana, she guest-posted here earlier,  is organising a photoshoot. I would love to go there myself, alas, although our respective countries of […]

Big Bad Locomotive

| 16. Januar 2012

Normally it pains me to see old, venerable steam-powered train engines stand somewhere, left to rot in disrepair. Yet, there is still some beauty that can even be distilled from them. The following image is ample testimony: The photographer responsible for this very powerful image is Beezqp, from Poland. The train engine is standing somewhere […]

Fun Dieselpunk Friday – Strange Tanks and Lame Jokes

| 16. Dezember 2011

It is time to share some of the pictures I have accumulated on my hard drive over months and months… I do not recall where I got most of those from (except for the Blitzkrieg Kittens, my brother sent me that one). The fun tank designs and tracked vehicles are (mostly) real. I guess some […]